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Helping to make the world a better place than I found it by writing helpful blog posts (technology, parenting, cooking) and contributing to Open Source Software.

Featured work

  1. joshtronic/php-loremipsum

    Lorem ipsum generator in PHP without dependencies.

    PHP 142
  2. joshtronic/php-googleplaces

    PHP Wrapper for the Google Places API

    PHP 81
  3. joshtronic/dotfiles

    These are my dotfiles. There are many like them, but these are mine.

    Shell 76
  4. joshtronic/php-projecthoneypot

    PHP Wrapper for Project Honey Pot

    PHP 31
  5. joshtronic/server-benchmarks

    Server benchmark tests used in my VPS comparison posts

    Shell 40
  6. joshtronic/donate

    Just a list of Free Software, Open Source Software and other technology-related things you can contribute money to.

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$1 a month


Much appreciation regardless of the amount. Since GitHub forces integers, the amount has to be at least a buck.

$5 a month


I love me a Grande Nitro Cold Brew from that chain coffee place that shall remain nameless. Help fuel my efforts one cup at a time.

$6,000 a month


F*ck it. Ship It. The maximum monthly tier amount if $6,000 and I highly suspect nobody is going to commit to that. If anybody does, bless up, but seriously, you really shouldn't have.