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I have been an active member of the open-source community for over a decade, with significant contributions to a wide variety of projects related to security, privacy, self-hosting, static site generation, Python, Django, Fish shell, and more.

I also contribute my time sharing, writing, speaking, and mentoring developers and startup founders on how to improve productivity and career growth.

Why I’m Worth Sponsoring

My most popular project remains Pelican, a static site generator written in Python, which currently has nearly 12,000 stars on GitHub and powers thousands of sites including the Linux Kernel, Debian, and countless others. I have also authored and/or maintain many useful plugins in the new Pelican Plugins organization.

I am pleased with the Django-related projects I have created and/or maintain, including Kagi, which adds WebAuthn security keys and TOTP multi-factor authentication, django-elevate, and django-autoslug.

I created AutoPub to help project maintainers release new package versions to the Python Package Index (PyPI) simply by merging pull requests. Intended for use with continuous integration (CI) systems such as GitHub Actions or CircleCI, AutoPub streamlines the package release process by automating an otherwise manual, tedious, and error-prone series of steps.

Like-minded folks at the intersection of Python and Fish shell have heavily adopted VirtualFish, which makes it easy to create, activate, and upgrade Python virtual environments.

I have written widely-shared articles on why Homebrew Python Is Not For You, how I set up my Python Development Environment, and others at and

What Your Support Will Achieve

My primary goal is to justify allocating more time on my current (and new!) open-source projects.

Similarly, your support will also make it easier for me to prioritize writing additional useful articles and tutorials.

While I would greatly value your long-term support, feel free to only sponsor me for short times. Every sponsorship counts, and I’m grateful even if you choose to sponsor for only one month.


Reaching this goal will help offset what I personally spend on open-source-related server infrastructure and domain name registrations.

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Featured work

  1. getpelican/pelican

    Static site generator that supports Markdown and reST syntax. Powered by Python.

    Python 12,403
  2. autopub/autopub

    Automatically publish package releases upon pull request merge

    Python 81
  3. justinmayer/virtualfish

    Fish shell tool for managing Python virtual environments

    Shell 1,056
  4. justinmayer/kagi

    WebAuthn security keys and TOTP multi-factor authentication for Django

    Python 91
  5. justinmayer/django-autoslug

    AutoSlugField for Django. Supports (but not does not require) unidecode/pytils for transliteration. Old issue tracker is at Bitbucket:

    Python 292
  6. justinmayer/django-elevate

    Protect your sensitive Django views by requiring re-authentication

    Python 44

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