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Stéphane Peter

Los Angeles, CA

I am a software engineer with a wide expertise across the Linux, UNIX and iOS platforms. I maintain a number of open-source projects, the most popular of which are :

  • Makeself, a Shell-based self-extracting package format in use by many companies on Unix platforms.
  • AudioKit, an open-source audio processing library for Apple platforms.
  • The Loki Setup GUI installer system for Linux and Unix software packages.

I regularly contribute to these and other projects, and your sponsorship helps fund those efforts.

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It would be nice to have more than a handful of sponsors 😅


Featured work

  1. megastep/makeself

    A self-extracting archiving tool for Unix systems, in 100% shell script.

    Shell 2,211
  2. megastep/loki_setup

    The Loki Setup installer for Linux / UNIX

  3. AudioKit/AudioKit

    Audio synthesis, processing, & analysis platform for iOS, macOS and tvOS

    Swift 10,496
  4. AudioKit/AudioKitSynthOne

    AudioKit Synth One: Open-Source iOS Synthesizer App

    Swift 1,649
  5. catloafsoft/FBUtility

    A library of utility classes for the Facebook iOS SDK.

    Objective-C 1

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