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Hi, my name is Harsh and I'm an engineer at Dyte!

These days, I'm spending my non-work hours working on a bunch of tools written in Rust and maintaining Android Password Store.

What I've done

  • viscerion, a fork of the official WireGuard app for Android focused on revamping its UI and adding more features. This work is now upstream.
  • substweaks, a theme for substratum that focused on small QoL improvements to the Android UI
  • Wireless ADB, which is quite self-explanatory :D

What I'm working on

Your support allows me to keep creating software and continue my writing endeavours.

(h/t to @zkat for inspiring this bio style)

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Featured work

  1. android-password-store/Android-Password-Store

    Android application compatible with ZX2C4's Pass command line application

    Kotlin 2,219
  2. msfjarvis/compose-lobsters

    Claw for Unofficial read-only Android client for, built using Jetpack Compose.

    Kotlin 45
  3. msfjarvis/

    Hugo source for my blog

    TypeScript 7
  4. NixOS/nixpkgs

    Nix Packages collection

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