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Become a sponsor to Nat Budin

Nat Budin

Mill Creek, WA

Hi! I'm Nat, and I'm a web developer and larper. Over the years I've created several web applications targeted at the larp community, which I host for free as a service to the community. This Github Sponsors account is to defray the server costs of hosting those apps.

If I get more money than the cost of hosting the apps, I'll donate it to Ada Developers Academy, a non-profit, tuition-free coding school for women and gender diverse adults.

1 sponsor is funding nbudin’s work.


Reaching this goal would pay for the server that Journey, Vellum, Eventlite, and Sugar Pond Account Central run on.


Featured work

  1. nbudin/journey

    An online questionnaire application

    Ruby 13
  2. nbudin/vellum

    A collaborative writing and mind-mapping application for the web

    Ruby 4
  3. nbudin/illyan

    A central user account management app

    Ruby 2

50% towards $20 per month goal


danielhjames sponsors this goal

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$1 a month


Chip in a buck! Every little bit helps pay for free survey software.

$5 a month


Cover 25% of the monthly cost for hosting surveys on Journey!

$10 a month


A half a server! If 2 people do this, Journey's web server is covered.