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Nikola Đuza

Novi Sad, Serbia

Hello there 👋

I first want to say thank you for your interest in my work! 🙇 I hope some of it is useful to you.

❤️ I love Ruby and JavaScript
⚒️ I mostly work on render_async, pusher-js-mock, and ordinare libraries
🍍 I also write at

If you're using some of the libs or you enjoy my blog, feel free to sponsor me to keep making them even better 🎁


It would mean a world to me if 20 people support me and want me to continue to make open-source projects!

Featured work

  1. nikolalsvk/ordinare

    Ordinare sorts gems in your Gemfile alphabetically

    Ruby 167
  2. nikolalsvk/pusher-js-mock

    Mock Pusher.js in your JavaScript tests

    TypeScript 31
  3. nikolalsvk/dotfiles

    Configuration files for Vim and Git

    Vim script 96

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