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Vlad Svoka

Toronto, ON, Canada

Principal developer of Corona/Solar2D Game engine and plugins!

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You are on fire 🔥 Everyone who supports me, thank you so much.


Featured work

  1. Shchvova/corona

    Corona Game Engine main repository

    C++ 46
  2. Shchvova/VKPLEX.bundle

    VK PLEX Addon/Plugin/Channel

  3. Shchvova/leechcraft

    LeechCraft is a free open source cross-platform modular internet-client. LeechCraft allows to browse the web, read RSS/Atom feeds, download files via BitTorrent, FTP, HTTP and DC, automatically dow…

  4. Shchvova/javascript-book

    The Javascript Book and Editing Framework

  5. Shchvova/OpenGL

    LWJGL port of McKesson OpenGL tutorials


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