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Hi, I'm Sergi.

It's nice to see you've landed on my sponsors page. That has already made my day. Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I've been working on Bitcoin related projected since 2015, initially for research, but lately as a free open source software developer. Currently I'm working on:

You can also sponsor me in bitcoin if you'd rather (ping me if you prefer a fresh address)

8 sponsors are funding sr-gi’s work.


Featured work

  1. sr-gi/bitcoin_tools

    Python Bitcoin tools

    Python 232
  2. talaia-labs/python-teos

    The Eye of Satoshi - Lightning Watchtower

    Python 102
  3. sr-gi/ldk-python

    LDK bindings for Python

    Rust 5
  4. talaia-labs/rust-teos

    The Eye of Satoshi - Lightning Watchtower

    Rust 46

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$5 a month



I'm driven by caffeine. Not the healthiest of the addictions, but not the unhealthiest either. This should cover my daily intake of it and you'll also have my gratitude.

$10 a month


Have a beer

"Hey Sergi, take a break and have a beer (or two), this round is on me"

$20 a month



I don't usually eat out, but when I do it's normally ramen. I cannot find proper ingredients to cook it myself, so why even bother?

Ramen makes me pretty happy, so that's an additional intangible bonus of this tier.

$50 a month


Gym membership

Working is important, but so is working out. It lets me disconnect from work for a while and prevents burnouts. This should cover my gym membership for a month.

$100 a month


Phone/Internet bill

One of the few musts of every developer nowadays. This helps me have my Bitcoin node up to date, and spend some time on Twitter ofc.

$200 a month


Buy bitcoin

You should be spending this on bitcoin, but if you'd rather give it to me, I will.

$500 a month



Like most (all?) carbon based lifeforms I need some kind of intake to survive. I do like cooking though, so I rarely eat out. This should cover my monthly food expenses.

$1,000 a month



Tried to live under a bridge, didn't work for me. Fortunately, I work from home, so this also covers commuting costs and office space.