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I am an engineer who has been working in the design and tech industries for over 10 years. I took a circuitous and non-traditional path to arrive here. Currently, I work directly with organisations to build clear and coherent products and design systems. I am an international keynote speaker on the intersection of tech, ethics, and tech worker responsibility. I take an accessible, inclusive, performant, and ethical approach to all of my work.

Democratising knowledge and access within the tech industry is something I strive toward in all of my work. Through accessible mentorship, talks, and writing, I hope to provide more equitable access to tools and knowledge to the most marginalised folks in our industry.

When you become a Github Sponsor, you support my ongoing contributions to the open source materials that I already create. I can build educational content and products for good (two already-in-progress projects include the Self-Defined Dictionary and a Devs of Colour database).

Thank you for your support!


I'll be able to dedicate much more time to Self-Defined!

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Featured work

  1. selfdefined/web-app

    Dictionary database with future API and bot integrations

    JavaScript 570

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