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I am developing a faster Python runtime on the side. If you need any particular feature, feel free to sponsor and I can prioritize your feature. Same with the scrapscript interpreter/compiler.

I have this one ungodly expensive domain ( that costs >$100/yr. Its sole purpose is to help you to show more ambivalence in your everyday interactions. If you use regularly, you can help guarantee its longevity by tossing a couple bucks my way. Or don't. Your call ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2 sponsors have funded tekknolagi’s work.


Reaching this goal will pay for the domain and I can feel fine about turning on auto-renew.


Featured work

  1. tekknolagi/skybison

    A fork of Instagram's experimental performance oriented greenfield implementation of Python. It features small objects; a moving GC; hidden classes; bytecode inline caching; type-specialized byteco…

    C++ 34
  2. tekknolagi/scrapscript

    A functional, content-addressable programming language.

    Python 295

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For $12,000 a month I will stop. No open source development outside my full-time job. You are paying me to log off and buying my silence.