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Jee Vang, Ph.D.

Washington, DC

I am from the DC metropolitan area. I am a tinker, scientist, coder, writer and avid reader. I am currently working on modernizing classical statistical, mathematics and machine learning techniques with high-performance and cloud computing. I am also working on educating the K-12 to nurture and usher the next generation of thought leaders and industry captains. Sponsorship is important to help me provide time, resource and facilities to put my work into action, not only with technical work, but also community service driven efforts. Partner up with me and help me to create the future in the best way possible, which is to code it.

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I will be able to channel the support to get time, resource and the facility to continue to produce open source technical work and expand community engagement for historically impoverished and/or disadvantaged people.


Featured work

  1. oneoffcoder/py-pair

    Pairwise association measures of statistical variable types

    Python 19
  2. oneoffcoder/pyspark-formula

    R-like formula approach to Spark Dataframes

    Python 10
  3. vangj/py-bbn

    Inference in Bayesian Belief Networks using Probability Propagation in Trees of Clusters (PPTC) and Gibbs sampling

    Jupyter Notebook 54
  4. oneoffcoder/books

    A collection of online books for data science, computer science and coding!

    Jupyter Notebook 48
  5. vangj/jsbayes

    Simple Bayesian Belief Network library for JavaScript.

    JavaScript 36
  6. vangj/jbayes

    Simple Bayesian Belief Network inference library using approximate and exact methods for Java.

    Java 18

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