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I mainly work on my free software for bookshops [0] and I massively contribute to the Common Lisp ecosystem by writing documentation, libraries, software, project skeletons, blog posts [1], creating cool videos [2] and sharing enthusiasm. I use CL in production (for web apps, FTP access, SQL munging and other mundane tasks). I am crafting CIEL, CL but batteries included, to help bootstrapping newcomers to the Lisp world. I am also porting my current Python/Django application to Common Lisp. In doing so, I am factoring everything useful in a web "framework" and new documentation (unpublished).

My free software for bookshops currently helps associations and professionals in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Greece, and maybe elsewhere. It is the only one of its kind.

Sponsoring me DOES count because I currently don't have a fixed, nor big, income. Sponsoring me also supports the wider Lisp ecosystem. I have already paid other lispers and will continue.

If you consider sponsoring me, thank you!

[0] Abelujo, ABStock and OpenBookStore in Lisp

[1]: contributions overview: I am by far the main contributor of the CL Cookbook: I wrote the missing documentation on CLOS, data structures, building a self-contained executable, DB access, deployment, web development, web scraping, GUI libraries, getting started… not forgetting a theme upgrade. I also actively maintain the list of libraries on the Awesome-cl list, and I write and maintain libraries, like cl-str (my first one, fixing the string manipulation issue) or cl-readline.

[2]: 1) How to create a new full-featured Common Lisp project 2) How to call a REST API in Common Lisp, 3) Interactively fixing unit tests but that's not all, I am creating a Common Lisp video course on the Udemy platform: from beginner to effective programmer. Sponsors can ask for a discount! ;)

To follow along my journey:


This would send a big motivation signal. I would also start on offering bounties, to go faster on some tasks.

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Tell me if you sponsor a particular project I own and I'll add you in the README.