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👋 Who we are

Hey! We’re Moritz, Christopher, and John. We’re based in Berlin, and we’re working full-time on developing and maintaining React Flow. We love working on this library, and your support enables us to continue doing this. You can see some of our past projects here.

🧶 React Flow

React Flow is a library to build node-based interfaces. Thousands of developers are using React Flow, and great companies like Stripe and LinkedIn have jumped on board. Of course, that means it takes time and effort to maintain and care for it, and we can’t do that without your support.

🌱 How you can support us

Are you using React Flow for a personal project? Great! No sponsorship needed, you can support us by reporting any bugs you find, sending us screenshots of your projects, and starring us on Github 🌟

Are you using React Flow at your organization and making money from it? Awesome, and we rely on your support to keep React Flow developed and maintained under an MIT License, just how we like it. You can do that with one of our Github sponsor tiers or through our website.

🚦Activate your Github sponsorship

How to get your Starter or Pro account “activated” through Github

  • Select the Starter or Pro tier and pay for it on GitHub (Thank you!! 😍)
  • Create an account on the React Flow Pro website
  • Send us a short email to saying you have started a Github sponsorship
  • We will activate your account, and you can log in to see your benefits and account details (e.g. prioritized bug reports, access to Pro examples, and/or individual support)

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Meet the team

Featured work

  1. wbkd/react-flow

    Highly customizable library for building an interactive node-based UI, workflow editor, flow chart or static diagram

    TypeScript 14,684

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You'll receive any rewards listed in the $10 monthly tier.

$10 a month


☕️ Coffee Sponsor

You are helping us to stay focused and awake to work on our open source projects. Thank you!

$139 a month


💫 React Flow Starter

With React Flow Starter, you get access to the code behind all of our Pro examples and prioritized bug reports and feature requests. You also keep the React Flow library up and running, and we thank you for it!

$269 a month


💎 React Flow Pro

With React Flow Pro, you get all of the benefits of Starter. In addition, you can have up to an hour of direct support from us (the React Flow team) per month. We’ll also reach out about setting up an introductory call from one of us from the team.

$999 a month


🦄 Custom Plan

If you’re looking for something extra (like additional support or custom examples built for your project), get in touch with us directly at and we can design a Custom plan together.