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A seasoned engineer who loves relatively lower layer technologies based on Linux/Unix eco-system. Involved in many projects including embedded/IoT Linux systems, server applications for mobile phone games, in-house software development infrastructure design.

My major skills, experiences, and interests:

  • Embedded Linux system development
  • Web and internet service development
  • DevOps, CI/CD, IaC engineering
  • Programming languages: Go, Python, Ruby, C/C++, Bash

Blog posts and articles (in Japanese):

Featured work

  1. yaegashi/msgraph.go

    Microsoft Graph Client Library for Go

    Go 59
  2. yaegashi/terraform-provider-msgraph

    Terraform Provider for Microsoft Graph

    Go 14
  3. yaegashi/muslstack

    Binary patch utility to set default thread stack size for musl libc

    Go 16
  4. yaegashi/jsonex.go

    Go encoding/json alternative with a catch-all capability for unknown fields

    Go 1
  5. Go
  6. yaegashi/contest.go

    Go testing integration for programming contests

    Go 5

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