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Creator of Umi and Owner of BCDice projects:

Umi is a fork of the Bootstrap theme Honoka, which is optimized for Japanese.
BCDice is the most popular rolling-dice engine for TRPG in Japan. I'm currently focusing on that project.
In BCDice project, I mainly maintain BCDice and BCDice-API.

I also contribute to a lot of Ruby-related OSS, for example Ruby, Rake, Rubocop, Opal and GitLab.

Your sponsoring will be energy of my OSS activities. All plans are just sponsoring, no rewards.

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Featured work

  1. bcdice/BCDice

    The most popular TRPG dice command engine in Japan

    Ruby 130
  2. bcdice/bcdice-api

    BCDiceを提供するWeb APIサーバー

    Ruby 34
  3. ysakasin/Umi

    Umi is a fork of Honoka which is a Bootstrap theme.

    CSS 117
  4. ysakasin/saipage

    A diceroll tool for TRPG

    Vue 11

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