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Parallel testing #164

phuongnd08 opened this Issue Dec 21, 2011 · 5 comments

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Spork is good. But running a single process on these multi-core machine these days is really a waste.
Any plan on adding parallel support to Spork?
I can imagine everytime Spork is forking, you can set a ENV variable inside the new process (like TEST_ENV_NUM, as parallel_tests do). Spork then can distribute tests to multiple process, each one with different database based on TEST_ENV_NUM (again, like parallet_tests do)
Parallet test has done good job on creating rake tasks to generate multiple test databases so this can be reused.

radeno commented Feb 16, 2012

to speed up you should use this


[RSpec] 'script/spec_server' or spork do not work in parallel

radeno commented Feb 16, 2012

Hmm, pity. It would be really great to have.
Do you plan it for future?


So I'm working on this which, if combined with the pull request above, can run cucumber features and rspec specs in parallel. Please give it a try and give me feed back if you like it (or not) :)


There is this blog post that describes two ways to use parallel_test + spork:

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