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Spotify Accounts Authentication Examples

This project contains basic demos showing the different OAuth 2.0 flows for authenticating against the Spotify Web API.

These examples cover:

  • Authorization Code flow
  • Client Credentials flow
  • Implicit Grant flow


These examples run on Node.js. On its website you can find instructions on how to install it. You can also follow this gist for a quick and easy way to install Node.js and npm.

Once installed, clone the repository and install its dependencies running:

$ npm install

Using your own credentials

You will need to register your app and get your own credentials from the Spotify for Developers Dashboard.

To do so, go to your Spotify for Developers Dashboard and create your application. For the examples, we registered these Redirect URIs:

Once you have created your app, replace the client_id, redirect_uri and client_secret in the examples with the ones you get from My Applications.

Running the examples

In order to run the different examples, open the folder with the name of the flow you want to try out, and run its app.js file. For instance, to run the Authorization Code example do:

$ cd authorization_code
$ node app.js

Then, open http://localhost:8888 in a browser.


Basic examples to authenticate and fetch data using the Spotify Web API




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