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Spring Data REST Exporter Example

This deployable web application is an example project that illustrates how to deploy your own artifacts into a WAR that uses the Spring Data REST Exporter.


Either use this project as a template for your own project, or simply include your own artifacts as dependencies in the build.gradle file.

The easiest way to get going with the REST exporter is to simply run the embedded Tomcat servlet container:

./gradlew tomcatRun

This will expose a server at http://localhost:8080/spring-data-rest-webmvc/. Issue curl requests to find out what services are available.

Alternatively, you can build a WAR file using ./gradlew war, and deploy that into your servlet container.

Loading dummy data for testing

If you want to play with some Person entities, there is a Ruby script in the root of the project named load_name_data.rb. It will load some random names from the names.txt file and create Person entities from them. You can then test the paging and sorting functionality by adding the appropriate URL parameters (information is in the wiki: spring-data-rest/wiki/Paging-and-Sorting).