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Epidemic Sonnet Works

To coincide with the release of Mathematics of Epidemics on Networks and to take advantage of the alternate interpretation of the title, Epidemic Sonnet Works, we are collecting poetry about epidemic modeling.

For a chance to win a free copy of the book, please email us a sonnet, limerick, or other poem (in any language) with a theme related to epidemic modeling by May 31 2017.

Why are we doing this?

  • For fun.
  • To publicize our book which should come out around the end of May.
  • To publicize our software package EoN (Epidemics on Networks) which provides efficient simulation algorithms and solves many of the commonly used ODE models for disease spread in networks.

Our attempt

(summarizes chapters 1-6)

When partnerships endure so long that to
Disease they are like frozen ties that bind,
Mass action fails us till new paradigms
Emerge; and networks then are useful tools.

Equation counts are exponential till
Reduced --- through automorphic symmetries
Or caref'ly cutting out some vertices.
But yet complexity is too high still.

And so our mod'ler must approximate
And close equations --- but not too simply.
For she must doubly count a high degree.
Or, she may watch diseases percolate.

With these techniques our mod'ler has new keys
To learn how partnerships affect disease.

The fine print:

  • Create a poem with an epidemic modeling theme.
  • Email it to
  • If you're randomly selected, you get a free copy of the book (if you're not randomly selected, you can buy it).
  • We may include the poems in this github repository under a CC BY-SA license - the license Wikipedia uses. If you do not consent to this, or would like it to be attributed anonymously, please inform us with your submission.
  • This is being run by the authors, not by Springer.