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FontPacker Beta Version 0.3


  • Fully Cross-Platform. Can be run in mono.
  • Selection of Glyphs to export.
  • Easy to read XML format.
  • Accurate advance widths.
  • Nice Easy To Use User Interface.
  • Included Font Tester to test exported fonts.
  • Supports all the fonts supported in the host OS.


This project is licenced with GNU Lesser Public Licence (LGPL) and the terms here.

You can use the FontPack library for free in C# projects and you can even sell the projects using this library.

You can use the JFontPack library for free in Java projects. It requires Apache Commons Codec library which is licenced as Apache Commons Licence to decode glyphs from Base64.

Using the Fonts

After you create a .fntpack file, you need to use it as XML. Here's the structure of the file.

The xml file starts normally with the xml declaration. Then comes the root tag <FontPacker> which contains the <Font> tag with an attribute name.

<Font name="Microsoft Sans Serif"> ... </Font>

Then comes the Glyph tags in the font tag with the following attributes.

  • char - The character value
  • data - The Base64 encoded PNG image of that glyph
  • xadvance - The pixels to move forward after drawing that glyph

Here's an example overview.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <Font name="Microsoft Sans Serif">
        <Glyph char="A"
               data="....Base64 encoded PNG image here..."
               xadvance="33" />
        <Glyph char="B"
               data="....Base64 encoded PNG image here..."
               xadvance="30" />


The downloads are available on my site here


  • Added progress bar and font tester
  • Fixed the packer to give correct values for xadvance
  • Fixed the glyph width measuring algorithm
  • Supports Italic Fonts and Script fonts


Pack TrueType fonts for use in Games






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