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multi line coffeescipt in <% ... %> #41

sircambridge opened this Issue · 21 comments

19 participants

Gene Tsai Peter Ehrlich Chris Kihneman Benjamin Lupton Adam George Alexander Oleksandr Manenko Romain Prieto Robin Hawkes Sam J Aseem Kishore Chris Coyne Tushar Ranka Gilles Bouthenot John F. Talarico Matthew Hensrud Christopher Wong Caio Gondim Artem Sapegin
Gene Tsai

being able to have multiple line coffeescript execute within <% %> would be awesome.

in erb and ejs, you can say

  def something(arg)



is there a workaround / somewhere i can hack this in ?

Peter Ehrlich

I've wondered this as well. Or is it intentionally so, to prevent complex templating?

Chris Kihneman

+1. This would be a great feature, maybe it needs a special syntax of its own to trigger on so it knows indentation now matters...

    someVar = @something
    if someVar
      # do other stuff

Or something like that. I switched to eco from jQote2 and this is the only thing really giving me a large amount of frustration. Logic-less templates just are not in my cards for the project im on...

I made it work by wrapping everything in a <% someVar = @something %> for every line (and added : for any ifs/whatnot) - which is for sure not optimal when a couple lines of coffeescript do a lot better.


Benjamin Lupton

+1, I've wanted to do:

    data = @require('util').inspect @documentModel.getAttributes()
    delete data.fullPath
    delete data.outPath

but can't figure out how

Peter Ehrlich

As I use Eco, I'm getting a little bit torn on this, actually. I think it would encourage cluttery awful views, which would be bad, and my templates have actually been improved through this limitation. But at the same time, hashes would seem more acceptable to have multiline. They're essentially declarative, and can be quire useful.

For example, look at this formbuilder becomes frustrating to work with on a single line, (the alternative, assigning each argument to a variable, is also frustrating).

    <%- @select 'param_name', ['New York', 'San Francisco'], {class: 'my_class input-small', data: {toggle: 'dropdown'}, title: 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit'} %>

hmm. thoughts?

Adam George

+1, this is really needed.

I try to keep my code to 80 chars wide, so I need to be able to start a new line. It looks awful when every line begins with <% for no reason.


+1 ... really need

Oleksandr Manenko


Romain Prieto

Definitely interested in this too, especially for "declarative" sections, like hashes, arrays...

Robin Hawkes


Trying to do heredoc statements for multi-line variables but finding it impossible with eco.

Sam J

Seems a developers has gone awol again. First coffeekup, now this?

I'd be happy to code in the changes myself though it's a little awkward putting time into a issue-accumulating repository. Where you at stephenson? :)

Aseem Kishore

(For reference, issues #13 and #15. Not sure if anything has changed.)

Aseem Kishore

But FWIW, @malgorithms's Toffee is an excellent alternative to Eco and supports multi-line blocks:

Chris Coyne

If someone wants to try to add this to Eco, I'd be happy to share the experiences I had making it work with Toffee. It was kind of a fun challenge. And difficult due to indentation considerations. You can find my contact info on my github page.

I think it'll be pretty deep down in the parser.

Thanks for the shoutout to Toffee, @aseemk . Not too many people know about it...yet :-)

Tushar Ranka

This is one thing that I can't easily get over.

Sam J

For anyone still wishing for this, ECT is still rather actively developed, and open to feature suggestions. Wrote a ST2/TM .tmLanguage for it too. Has multiline capabilities, and is much much faster than ECO.

Gilles Bouthenot

thank for these 2 alternatives :

Unfortunately, none of these solutions are (yet) supported by Ruby on Rails.

John F. Talarico


Matthew Hensrud

what is needed to get some of the alternatives up and running? dived a little into ECO's gemfile and won't pretend to completely understand. ;)

Christopher Wong

+1.There's cases where I just want a few lines for an if/else or something.

Michal Srb xixixao referenced this issue in jashkenas/coffeescript

Implement #3332 #3333

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