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I've added some changes to dom.js to add the standard methods to SVGElements, but didn't know if this was something to address.

I've tested on IE6-IE10 it fails silently on IE6-8 and works on IE9 and 10

also tested on Firefox/Chrome/Safari

If SVGElements should not have these methods or need a smaller set of methods I can do that too

@jwestbrook jwestbrook Added standard Methods to SVG Elements
added logic check and then standard Element.methods to SVGElement.prototype. Tested in IE9/IE10/Chrome/Firefox/Safari.
In earlier IE without SVG support it fails silently

I'd prefer to keep this as an extension. Because Element.Methods and Element.Methods.Simulated are public, you can write a separate script to mix them into SVGElement.prototype with only slightly more effort than in this PR.


Sounds good I'll put something together and document it

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