javascript-stacktrace is not JSLint valid code #8

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There are multiple issues that JSLint catches with javascript-stacktrace. I am working those through but there are some that I have been unable to solve.

For example, the "(0)();" rows come out with "Bad invocation." -error.

And, "var reStack = /{anonymous}(.*)@(\w+://([-\w.]+)+(:\d+)?[^:]+):(\d+):?(\d+)?/;" -row has three separate errors: Unescaped '{', Unescaped '}' and Unescaped '-'.


eriwen commented Oct 21, 2010

Thanks for letting me know.

I have fixed all issues except referencing arguments.callee (which I must do because it is fundamental to the project).

Please let me know if you have other ideas/suggestions.

Unfortunately the fresh code still gives few issues.
"207:24: Unsafe character. �yvind Sean Kinsey (2010)"
"276:50: Unexpected use of '<<'. var _err = undef << 1;"
"290:38: Unexpected use of '<<'. var _err = undef << 1;"


eriwen commented Oct 22, 2010

Interesting. The JSLint tool I'm using did not catch those.

May I ask which tool you're using?

As far as the "Unexpected use of '<<'", I'm intentionally trying to cause an error without throw new Error(..). If you can find a way for me to do that without generating a JSLint warning, I'll be happy to include it.

Thanks again for your help, Eric

I'm actually using the JSLint itself, through Ant+Aptana. :)


eriwen commented Oct 22, 2010

I was just checking it through, odd that it didn't whine about those things.

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