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melonJS - a fresh & lightweight 2D sprite-based engine

Copyright (C) 2012, Olivier BIOT

melonJS is licensed under the MIT License

About melonJS

melonJS is the result of my enthusiasm & my past experiments with Javascript, and currently features :

  • A fresh & lightweight 2D sprite-based engine
  • Standalone library (does not rely on anything else, except a HTML5 capable browser)
  • Compatible with most major browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE)
  • Multiple Audio Channel support
  • Basic physics & collision mechanisms (to ensure low cpu requirements)
  • Tween Effects
  • Transition effects
  • A basic set of Object Entities (to be extended)
  • Basic animation management
  • A state manager (to easily manage loading, menu, options, in-game state)
  • Tiled map format version 0.7.x integration for easy level design
    • Uncompressed Plain, Base64 and CSV encoded XML tilemap loading
    • Orthogonal tilemap
    • Multiple layers (multiple background/Foreground, collision and "Parallax" layers)
    • Multiple Tileset support
    • Tileset Transparency settings
    • Layers Alpha settings
    • Tiled Objects
    • Flipped Tiles
    • Dynamic Layer and Object/Group ordering
    • Dynamic Entity loading
    • Solid, Platform, Slope and Breakable Tiles
  • System & bitmap fonts
  • some basic GUI elements
  • a customizable loader, etc

Building melonJS

  • Regular flavored build :

$ cd melonJS

$ mkdir build

$ make

Both plain and minified library will be available under the "build" directory

  • CoffeeScript flavored build :

First make sure that you have installed :

$ sudo npm install -g coffee-script

$ cd melonJS

$ npm install -d # Installs the deps from the package.json file

$ cake build:browser

Building the documentation

cd melonJS

make doc

The generated documentation will be then available under the "docs" directory

Questions, need help ?

If you need help, or have any questions, please feel free to ask on the melonJS developer forum, or send us an email.