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# The currently serving U.S. congressmember with the most Twitter followers
from math import ceil
import csv
import json
import os
import requests
import tweepy
# You need to have a Twitter account and register as a developer:
# Your credentials JSON file should look like this:
# {
# "access_token": "AAAA",
# "access_token_secret": "BBBB",
# "consumer_secret": "CCCC",
# "consumer_key": "DDDDD"
# }
# Twitter helper methods
DEFAULT_TWITTER_CREDS_PATH = '~/.creds/me.json' # put your own path here
def get_api(credsfile = DEFAULT_TWITTER_CREDS_PATH):
Takes care of the Twitter OAuth authentication process and
creates an API-handler to execute commands on Twitter
- credsfile (str): the full path of the filename that contains a JSON
file with credentials for Twitter
A tweepy.api.API object
fn = os.path.expanduser(credsfile) # get the full path in case the ~ is used
c = json.load(open(fn))
# Get authentication token
auth = tweepy.OAuthHandler(consumer_key = c['consumer_key'],
consumer_secret = c['consumer_secret'])
auth.set_access_token(c['access_token'], c['access_token_secret'])
# create an API handler
return tweepy.API(auth)
# gets a whole bunch of profile information from a batch of screen_names
def get_profiles_from_screen_names(snames):
api = get_api()
profiles = []
for i in range(ceil(len(snames) / BATCH_SIZE)):
s = i * BATCH_SIZE
bnames = snames[s:(s + BATCH_SIZE)]
for user in api.lookup_users(screen_names = bnames):
return profiles
# Step 1.
# Basically, you have to rejigger
# (The number of U.S. congressmembers who have Twitter accounts, according to Sunlight Foundation data)
# info
csvurl = ''
rows = csv.DictReader(requests.get(csvurl).text.splitlines())
# note that spreadsheet includes non-sitting legislators, thus the use
# of 'in_office' attribute to filter
legislators = [r for r in rows if r['twitter_id'] and r['in_office'] == '1']
# now call twitter
twitter_profiles = get_profiles_from_screen_names([x['twitter_id'] for x in legislators])
# match up legislators with profiles:
for lx in legislators:
ta = [t for t in twitter_profiles if lx['twitter_id'].lower() == t['screen_name'].lower()]
lx['twitter_profile'] = ta[0] if ta else None
def fooey(x):
t = x['twitter_profile']
return t['followers_count'] if t else 0
q = max(legislators, key = fooey)
print(q['title'], q['firstname'], q['middlename'], q['lastname'], q['state'])
# Sen John S. McCain AZ