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How to get a working DBD::Pg on Windows
Warning! This information is outdated. Please ask on the mailing list for help
if you encounter any problems, or use the files here:
Also see the notes about Strawberry Perl in the README file.
Start with:
MS VC++.Net Standard Edition
MS VC++ Toolkit 2003
Latest PostgreSQL (e.g. postgresql-8.00.rc2.tar.gz)
Latest Perl (e.g. perl-5.8.6.tar.gz)
Latest DBI (e.g. DBI-1.46.tar.gz)
Latest DBD::Pg (1.40 or higher)
Custom "win32.mak" file (included with DBD::Pg)
Unpack the .tar.gz files in c:\tmp
Save win32.mak as src\bin\pg_config\win32.mak in postgres tree.
1. In Windows command window, set up to compile:
set PATH=C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\Vc7\bin;%PATH%
set PATH=C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003\bin;%PATH%
2. Run win32 make for postgresql:
cd \tmp\postgresql-8.0.0rc2\src
nmake -f win32.mak
3. Make pg_config.exe (not part of standard MSVC build), and copy it out:
cd bin\pg_config
nmake -f win32.mak
copy Release\pg_config.exe \tmp\DBD-Pg-1.42
4. Install lib and include to some permanent location like this:
mkdir c:\postgres
mkdir c:\postgres\lib
mkdir c:\postgres\include
cd ..\..\interfaces\libpq\Release
copy libpq* c:\postgres\lib
cd ..\..\..
xcopy /s include c:\postgres\include
xcopy \tmp\postgresql-8.0.3\src\interfaces\libpq\libpg-fe.h c:\postgres\include
5. Make a non-threaded perl, like this:
cd \tmp\perl-5.8.6\win32
in Makefile,
.. change the install location thus:
INST_TOP = $(INST_DRV)\myperl
.. comment out the following lines
USE_MULTI = define
USE_IMP_SYS = define
.. change both instances of deprecated '-Gf' flag to '-GF'
then just run:
nmake test
nmake install
5. Add new perl to path:
set PATH=c:\myperl\bin;%PATH%
6. Make and install DBI:
cd \tmp\DBI-1.46
perl Makefile.PL
nmake test
nmake install
7. Set up environment for DBD::Pg:
set POSTGRES_LIB=c:\postgres\lib
set POSTGRES_INCLUDE=c:\postgres\include
8. Build DBD::Pg:
cd \tmp\DBD-Pg1.42
perl Makefile.PL (when asked for pg_config path, say: .\pg_config.exe )
9. Test and install
You should now be able to set things up for normal DBD::Pg testing,
which you can invoke via "nmake test"
Then install using "nmake install"
If you have any problems or questions, please email the DBD::Pg
mailing list:
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