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;;; -*- Mode: Lisp -*-
;;; This software is in the public domain and is
;;; provided with absolutely no warranty.
(in-package #:rtorrent-controller)
(defvar *host* "localhost")
(defun call-rtorrent (method &rest arguments)
(s-xml-rpc:xml-rpc-call (apply #'s-xml-rpc:encode-xml-rpc-call
method arguments)
:host *host*))
(defun list-files (torrent)
(mapcar #'car
(call-rtorrent "f.multicall" torrent
"" "f.get_path=")))
(defun list-files-with-size (torrent)
(call-rtorrent "f.multicall" torrent
"" "f.get_path="
"f.get_priority=" ))
(defun list-torrents ()
(call-rtorrent "d.multicall" ""
(defun enabled-files-finished-p (torrent)
(loop for (priority chunks completed-chunks) in
(call-rtorrent "f.multicall" torrent ""
always (or (zerop priority)
(= chunks completed-chunks))))
(defun list-finished-torrents ()
(let ((torrents (call-rtorrent "d.multicall" ""
(loop for (hash path size-left) in torrents
when (and (not (equal path ""))
(or (zerop size-left)
(enabled-files-finished-p hash)))
collect path)))
(defun stop (hash)
(call-rtorrent "d.stop" hash))
(defun start (hash)
(call-rtorrent "d.start" hash))
(defun erase (hash)
(call-rtorrent "d.erase" hash))
(defun multicall (&rest args)
(call-rtorrent "system.multicall"
(loop for (method . parameters) in args
(s-xml-rpc:xml-rpc-struct "methodName" method "params"
(or parameters
(defun format-bytes (bytes)
(loop for unit in '("" "KB" "MB" "GB" "TB")
for prev = 1 then multiplier
for multiplier = 1024 then (* multiplier 1024)
when (< bytes multiplier)
return (format nil "~$ ~a" (/ bytes prev) unit)))
(defun process-list (functions list)
(loop for x in list
for i from 0
collect (funcall (getf functions i #'identity)
(defun process-lists (functions lists)
(loop for list in lists
collect (process-list functions list)))
(defun state-description (n)
(ecase n
(0 "Stopped")
(1 "Started")))
(defun priority-description (n)
(ecase n
(0 "Off")
(1 "Normal")
(2 "High")))
(defun status ()
(mapcar #'car (multicall '("get_up_rate") '("get_down_rate")
'("get_upload_rate") '("get_download_rate"))))
(defun set-download-rate (value)
(call-rtorrent "set_download_rate" value))
(defun set-upload-rate (value)
(call-rtorrent "set_upload_rate" value))
(defvar *useful-files* '("flac" "cue" "mp3" "ape" "wv" "m4a" "ac3"
"pdf" "djvu"
"avi" "mkv" "mp4" "vob" "ifo" "bup" "mov"))
(defun useful-file-p (filename)
(member (pathname-type filename) *useful-files*
:test #'string-equal))
(defun load-torrent (filename &key start)
(call-rtorrent (if start
"load") filename))
(defun disable-not-needed-files (torrent)
(loop for index from 0
for file in (list-files torrent)
unless (useful-file-p file)
do (call-rtorrent "f.set_priority" torrent index 0)))
(defun disable-last-torrent (&optional (n 1))
(car (last (call-rtorrent "download_list" "") n))))
(defun run-program (program args)
(sb-ext:run-program program args
:search t)
(ccl:run-program program args)
#-(or sbcl ccl)
(error "Not supported"))
(defun remove-file (filename)
(handler-case (delete-file filename)
(file-error ())))
(defun native-namestring (file)
#+sbcl (sb-ext:native-namestring file)
#+ccl (ccl:native-translated-namestring file)
#-(or sbcl ccl) (error "Not supported"))
(defun move-file (filename)
(run-program "rsync" (list "-az"
(native-namestring filename)
(remove-file filename))
(defun process-torrent (filename)
(format t "Loading ~a~%" filename)
(if (equal (machine-instance) "desktop")
(let ((namestring (remove #\\ (namestring filename))))
(load-torrent namestring :start (equal "v" (pathname-name filename)))
(remove-file filename))
(move-file filename)))
(defun process-subtitle (filename)
(format t "Loading ~a~%" filename)
(cond ((equal (machine-instance) "desktop")
(let ((new-path (namestring (merge-pathnames
:directory '(:relative "sub")
:defaults filename)
(run-program "mv"
(list (namestring filename) new-path))
(run-program "rj" (list new-path))))
(move-file filename))))
(defun process-zip-subtitle (filename)
(format t "Loading ~a~%" filename)
(cond ((equal (machine-instance) "desktop")
(run-program "us"
(namestring filename))))
(move-file filename))))
(defun load-existing-torrents (directory)
(mapcar #'process-torrent
(directory (merge-pathnames "*.torrent" directory))))
(defun load-existing-subtitles (directory)
(let ((sub (probe-file (merge-pathnames "" directory))))
(when sub
(process-zip-subtitle sub))))
(defun inotify-loop (&key (directory #-darwin #p"/tmp/"
#+darwin #p"~/Documents"))
(load-existing-torrents directory)
(load-existing-subtitles directory)
(inotify:with-inotify (inot `((,directory ,inotify:in-moved-to)))
(write-line "Waiting for files.")
(dolist (event (inotify:read-events inot))
(let* ((path (inotify:event-full-name event))
(type (pathname-type path)))
(cond ((equal type "torrent")
(process-torrent path))
((and (equal type "zip")
(equal (pathname-name path) "g"))
(process-zip-subtitle path))
((equal type "srt")
(process-subtitle path))))
(error (e)
(warn "An error ~a occured while processing event ~s"
e event)))))))
(defun kqueue-loop (directory)
(let ((wild-directory (make-pathname :defaults directory
:name :wild
:type :wild)))
(kqueue:with-kqueue (kqueue `((,directory ,kqueue:note-write)))
(dolist (event (kqueue:read-events kqueue))
(loop for path in (directory wild-directory)
for type = (pathname-type path)
(cond ((equal type "torrent")
(process-torrent path))
((and (equal type "zip")
(equal (pathname-name path) "g"))
(process-zip-subtitle path))
((equal type "srt")
(process-subtitle path))))
(error (e)
(warn "An error ~a occured while processing event ~s"
e event))))))))
(defun fs-loop (&key (directory #-darwin #p"/tmp/"
#+darwin (merge-pathnames #p"Downloads/"
(load-existing-torrents directory)
(load-existing-subtitles directory)
#+linux (inotify-loop directory)
#+darwin (kqueue-loop directory))
(sb-ext:save-lisp-and-die "rtr-controller"
:toplevel #'rtorrent-controller:fs-loop
:executable t
:compression 9)
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