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python >= 2.5
numpy >= 1.4.0
scipy >= 0.7
pandas >= 0.7.1
Optional Dependencies
cython >= 0.15.1
If Cython is available during installation from source faster functions
will be installed in some places provided you have a C compiler. It is
recommended to install from source with Cython available, as this will not
be optional in the 0.5 release.
matplotlib >= 1.0.0
Matplotlib is needed for plotting functionality and running many of the
sphinx >= 1.0.0
Sphinx is used to build the documentation.
nose >= 1.0.0
Nose is needed to run the tests.
Easy Install
To get the latest release using easy_install you need setuptools (easy_install):
Then you can do (with proper permissions):
easy_install -U statsmodels
On Ubuntu you can get dependencies through:
sudo apt-get install python python-dev python-setuptools python-numpy python-scipy
easy_install -U pandas
easy_install -U cython
Alternatively, you can install from the NeuroDebian repository:
Installing from Source
Download and extract the source distribution from PyPI or github
Or clone the bleeding edge code from our repository on github at
git clone git://
In the statsmodels directory do (with proper permissions)
python install
Installing from Source on Windows
You may find more information about the project and installation in our
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