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jq 1.6

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@wtlangford wtlangford released this 02 Nov 01:54
· 159 commits to master since this release

New in this release since 1.5:

  • Destructuring Alternation
  • New Builtins:
    • builtins/0
    • stderr/0
    • halt/0, halt_error/1
    • isempty/1
    • walk/1
    • utf8bytelength/1
    • localtime/0, strflocaltime/1
    • SQL-style builtins
    • and more!
  • Add support for ASAN and UBSAN
  • Make it easier to use jq with shebangs (8f6f28c)
  • Add $ENV builtin variable to access environment
  • Add JQ_COLORS env var for configuring the output colors

Bug fixes:

  • Calling jq without a program argument now always assumes . for the program, regardless of stdin/stdout. (5fe0536)
  • Make sorting stable regardless of qsort. (7835a72)
  • Adds a local oniguruma submodule and the ./configure --with-oniguruma=builtin option to make it easier to build with oniguruma support on systems where you can't install system-level libraries. (c6374b6 and 02bad4b)
  • And much more!