Webbased old-school Amiga music tracker in plain old javascript - Plays and edits 4-channel Amiga Mod files
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Bassoon Tracker

Browser based old-school Amiga Music Tracker in plain old javascript.

Bassoon Tracker

Plays and edits 4-track Amiga Mod files.
Live demo at http://www.stef.be/bassoontracker/

If you have ever heard of Protracker or Fasttracker, then you know the drill,
if not, then you are probably too young :-)

It needs a modern browser that support WebAudio. It's tested to work on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Chrome on Android, mobile Safari and the Samsung Android Browser. it works best in Chrome.

Bassoon Tracker


  • load, play, edit and save Protracker compatible module files
  • All Protracker audio effects are supported (99% accurate, in case of historical differences in playback engines, I tend to follow the Protracker 2.X one)
    • Portamento / Frequency slides (Effect 1, 2, 3, 5, E1 and E2)
    • Vibrato (Effect 4, 6 and E4)
    • Tremolo (Effect 7 and E7)
    • Arpeggio (Effect 0)
    • Glissando (Effect E3)
    • Sample offsets (Effect 9)
    • Volume slides and settings (effect A, C, E10 and E11)
    • Position jumps (effect B)
    • Pattern breaks, loops and delays (effect D, E6 and E14)
    • Speed settings (Effect F))
    • Sample Delay, Cut, Retrigger and Finetune (Effect E13, E12, E9 and E5)
    • Lowpass/LED filter (effect E0)
  • next to the Protracker effects, there are per-channel effects for low, mid, high frequency, panning and reverb control
  • mute/solo tracks
  • edit pattern data and sample properties
  • import 8bit WAV, 8SVX and RAW samples (as well as any other format AudioContext can read, like .mp3 and .ogg)
  • includes the historic ST-01 and ST-02 sample disks, released in 1987 (as well as a bunch of others)
  • the modarchive API is integrated to access many thousands of music files
  • the modules.pl API is integrated to access even more music files
  • export to .wav and .mod

The playback engine has gone through extensive compatibility testing, but as the Protracker code itself is somewhat messy and muddy throughout different versions, there's always room for improvement. If you find a module that doesn't sound the way it should, let me know! There are still some very specific Protracker 1 and 2 playback quirks that are not implemented (and probably never will as they are too bat-shit-crazy)

Missing features and bugs:

  • export to wav is currently limited to the current pattern (due to memory issues)
  • The sample editor needs fleshing out.
  • no undo/redo functionality yet
  • no range select/copy/paste functionality yet

Note: if you use an AZERTY or a QWERTZ keyboard, you can set that option in the settings to have the correct layout when playing notes on your computer keyboard.

Future plans

  • Dropbox integration for loading and saving files
  • 3SM and XM file support - full FasttrackerII feature set would be nice