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Revision history for Perl extension Bread::Board
* Bread::Board::Container::Parameterized
- retain control of names of the generated
containers, so if your the container being
generated has a name, it keeps it.
- this makes these containers more
addressable when composed into
higher level containers
- this helps when subclassing
parameterized containers
- switch the generated containers to be
created with builder instead of default
- also helps when subclassing
parameterized containers as well
* t/046_custom_parameter_service.t
- fixing the error about Moose deprecations
0.22 2011-10-03
- When inferring a service for a type, allow subclasses to fulfill
discovered types.
- Converted to Dist::Zilla
0.21 Tues. Sept. 6th, 2011
* Bread::Board
- Allow service() and alias() sugar functions to
return the newly-created objects if the context
container is not defined. (thanks to kip hampton)
- added tests for this
- this module is just an exporter, so it does not
need to 'use Moose' (thanks to Tomas Doran)
- fixed some spelling and grammar errors
(thanks to ben hengst and Brad Bowman)
* Bread::Board::Service::WithParameters
- parameters attribute now has a builder instead
of a default, so as to allow better tweaking
in subclasses (thanks to Andre Walker)
- added tests for this
0.20 Wed. June 13, 2011
* Bread::Board::Lifecycle::Singleton
- fix bug in singletons with circular
refs (thanks to doy)
- added tests for this (thanks to perigrin)
0.19 Wed. June 1, 2011
* Bread::Board::GraphViz
- added by jrockway, this allows you to visualise
a Bread::Board system using GraphViz
- note that this is optional and requires you
to install optional dependencies
* Bread::Board::Service::Alias
- add the ability to alias services under
another name (thanks to doy)
- added tests for this
* Bread::Board::Service::Inferred
- improving edge cases (thanks to doy)
* Bread::Board::Service::*
- several code improvements (thanks to doy)
* Bread::Board::Service
- allow for custom Lifecycles by using the "+"
prefix (thanks to jasonmay)
- added tests for this
0.18 Wed. Apr. 13, 2011
* Bread::Board::Service::WithParameters
- added has_parameter_defaults method to check
if a parameter has default values
* Bread::Board::Service::WithDependencies
- added a check for has_parameter_defaults before
we make a Thunk
- added test for this (thanks to rafl)
0.17 Tues. Feb. 22, 2011
* Bread::Board::Service::Inferred
- make recrusive inferrence work
- add tests for this
* Bread::Board::Manual::Concepts::Advanced
- small doc update about subclassing and
the name parameter, resolving RT#63124
(thanks to Evan Haas)
* Bread::Board::Traversal
- make relative parent path traversal more sane, there
should be no more need for excessive ../../ stuff in
dependency service paths (thanks doy)
- adjust tests accordingly
- this should fix RT#64478 as well
0.16 Mon. Jan. 10, 2011
* Bread::Board::service sugar
- adding the 'service_class' param for the
service sugar function which allows you
to pass in a custom service subclass
- added tests for this (062_service_class_w_sugar.t)
* Bread::Board::Dependency
- added the service_params attribute here
so that it is possible to pass in parameters
when you depend on a service which requires them
- added tests for this (045_parameters_in_dependency.t)
* Bread::Board::Service::Inferred
- when a typemapped service is created it is now
named with the special 'type:' prefix. This allows
you to depend on a typemapped service in a
non-typemapped service
- added tests for this (079_depending_on_type.t)
* Bread::Board::Traversable
- improving the error messages when a container/service
is not found
0.15 Thurs. Sept. 30, 2010
* Bread::Board::Service
- removed the MooseX::Param dependency
and implemented it internally so that
we have more control
* Bread::Board::Types
- the Bread::Board::Service::Dependencies
type now can also coerce ArrayRef[Str]
and HashRef[Str] types correctly (doy)
* Bread::Board::Service::WithDependencies
- we now only create a ::Deferred::Thunk
object if we have non-optional params
* Bread::Board::Service::WithParameters
- added the has_required_parameters
method, to see if there are any
non-optional parameters
- added tests for both the above
* Bread::Board
- added the typemap and infer keyword
to help in the mapping of types and
construction of inferred services
- added tests for this
* Bread::Board::Container
- added the typemap feature and added
the ->resolve( type => $type ) call
- added tests for this
* Bread::Board::Service::Inferred
- added this and tests for it
* Bread::Board::Manual::Concepts::Typemap
- added this to help explain the
typemap feature
0.14 Tues. Aug. 24, 2010
* Bread::Board::Container
- added the ->resolve method to replace
the ->fetch( $service )->get pattern
that annoys mst so much.
- adjusted all the tests to account
for this change.
- adjusted all the docs to now use
this approach instead
- now using Try::Tiny for all exception
handling (except the Deferred service)
* Bread::Board::Service::WithDependencies
- if you want to depend on a parameterized
service, now you can and it will return
a Bread::Board::Service::Deferred::Thunk
that you can call ->inflate on and pass
in the parameters for it.
- added tests for this
* Bread::Board::Service::Deferred::Thunk
- added this + tests for it
0.13 Fri. April 23, 2010
* Bread::Board
- making the include keyword handle
compilation errors better (doy)
- added test for this
* Bread::Board::Container
- it is now possible to store parameterized
containers within regular containers and
have them behave properly
- added tests for this
* Bread::Board::Manual::Example::*
- adding some examples of ways to use
Bread::Board to the manual
- added tests to confirm they work
0.12 Sun. April 18, 2010
* Bread::Board
- added the `include` keyword which will evaluate
an external file within your Bread::Board
- added tests for this
- added support for parameterized containers
- added tests for this
- the 'container' keyword will now accept an
instance of Bread::Board::Container instead
of the name, this makes subclassing easier
- added tests for this
+ Bread::Board::Container::Parameterized
- added this module and tests
+ Bread::Baord::Manual
- moved, re-organizad and added too the docs
that were previously in
0.11 Thu. Mar. 25, 2010
* Much improved documentation.
* Fixed inc/ to include all used Module-Install extensions.
0.10 Mon. Feb. 22, 2010
* Bread::Board
- import strict and warnings into the caller
upon import (Florian Ragwitz)
- fixing the SYNOPSIS so that it will actually
run (thanks to zby for spotting this)
* Bread::Board::ConstructorInjection
- Add a constructor_name parameter for classes using
MooseX::Traits or other things which need an alternately
named constructor. (Tomas Doran)
0.09 Wed. July 29, 2009
Add cloning support for containers and services
(thanks to jrockway for this)
- adding tests for this
* Bread::Board::ConstructorInjection
- use meta->constructor_name instead of "new"
if possible (jrockway)
* Bread::Board::Service::WithParameters
- fixing a leak where we would hold onto
parameters that were passed into get()
0.08 Sat. July 18, 2009
- updating dates on all files
* Bread::Board::LifeCycle::Singleton::WithParameters
- new module added to support the idea of a singleton
lifecycle keyed on the parameters rather then just
a per-instance item.
* Bread::Board::Traversable
- fixed the is_weak_ref mis-spelling
0.07 Wed. Feb. 18, 2009
- Work with new MooseX::Params::Validate
- Specify MX::P::Validate version number in Makefile.PL
0.06 Mon. Nov. 3, 2008
- Forgot to update MANIFEST before uploading to CPAN.
0.05 Mon. Nov. 3, 2008
- Applied immutablity to classes where applicable, and vigorously unimport
Moose keywords when they are no longer needed. This results in
x 2 performance as far as defining a Bread::Board model (Daisuke Maki).
* Bread::Board
- Implemented unimport(), thus allowing you to remove keywords
exported by Bread::Board (Daisuke Maki).
* Bread::Board::Traversable
- Unrolled recursive calls to loops, and removed Sub::Current dependency
(Daisuke Maki)
0.04 Fri. Oct. 31, 2008
* Bread::Board
- fix root path handling (thanks to Daisuke Maki)
- added tests for this
* Bread::Board::Dumper
- Simple utility for dumping containers
(thanks to Daisuke Maki)
* t/
- fixing the plans so that new versions of
Test::More stop complaining
0.03 Tues. Jan. 8, 2008
* Bread::Board::Service::WithParameters
- fixed the parameter validation to
use a custom cache key, this is so
that it plays nicely with the new
- added tests for this
0.02 Tues. Jan. 8, 2008
- forgot a dependency, whoops.
0.01 Mon. Jan. 7, 2008
- Out with the old (IOC) and in
with the new (Bread::Board)
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