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This repository contains all relevant design information for the SJS-ONE.
The SJS-ONE is a digital software synthersizer with a dual analog filter designed as a shield for the Arduino Uno.
The name comes from the fact that it was designed during the SyltJam 2011 event at STPLN.
SyltJam is an annual LAN-party like weekend event for synth-geeks in Malmö, Sweden.
The original DIY version is described at
Source code for the DIY version can be found in the ./diy/ folder.
All other files relate to the commercial version, and these include:
./pcb/ Schematic and PCB (DipTrace format) + production files
./doc/ Documentation and manual
./case/ Corel Draw 12 case design (for laser cutting)
./arduino-library/ API for the Arduino IDE
./arduino-sketches/ Firmware source (SyltCode/SyltWare)
./arduino-experiments/ Experimental firmware source