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Note! As of Storyteller 4.0, you can use the editing tool on Windows on .Net 4.6 projects, and any platform that supports the new CoreCLR.

Storyteller comes with an embedded web application to author and interactively execute specifications with a rich client. To launch the application, use the dotnet storyteller open command described below. See <[linkto:documentation/getting_started]> for more information about the command line tooling tool distributed with Storyteller.

For specific instructions on using the interactive specification tool, see the following topics:


To launch the specification editor from a command line, type the command st open [path] where [path] is the project directory of the specification project you want to load. Other options to control how the testing AppDomain is constructed and other explicit overrides are described below:

dotnet storyteller open

<[command-usage:dotnet storyteller/open]>

<[/command-usage:dotnet storyteller/open]>