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  • Fast interactive GPU path tracer
  • progressive rendering
  • support for diffuse, specular (mirror), refractive, acrylic/coat and metal Phong materials
  • support for spheres and triangle meshes
  • BVH acceleration structure built with SAH (Surface Area Heuristic) and binning
  • interactive camera with mouse and keyboard controls
  • anti-aliasing
  • depth-of-field

Instructions for compiling with Visual Studio 2013/2015:

  • install the CUDA 6.5/7/7.5 toolkit and choose integration with Visual Studio
  • open VS2013/2015 (Express or any other version such as the free Community version)
  • click New Project...
  • select Visual C++, then General, then Empty Project
  • right click on the project, select Build Dependies > Build Customizations
  • select the CUDA 6.5 (or 7 or 7.5) checkbox, click OK
  • in the project explorer window, right click on Source Files, select Add, C++ file, then change the name from "Source.cpp" to ""
  • in the project explorer window, right click on the newly created file, select CUDA C++
  • paste the code from in the file
  • add the other .h (header) and .cpp files to the project
  • right click on the project name, select Properties
  • under Linker > Input > Additional Dependencies, add "cudart.lib" and "glew32.lib" (glew32.lib should be automatically found when the CUDA toolkit is installed, if not, you can manually add the path to Linker > General > Additional Library Directories, the path is something like "%NVSDKCOMPUTE_ROOT%\C\common\lib")
  • disable SAFESEH by selecting NO in Linker > Advanced > Image Has Safe Exception Handlers
  • select Build > Rebuild Solution
  • run the program (at the moment there is no CUDA error checking, but so far everything has worked fine even when running the program for prolonged periods)