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streamdataio-js Javascript SDK package containing SDK, documentation and sample applications.

The SDK allows the use of the proxy to get data pushed from various sources and to use them in your application.

In this directory, you will find:

  • a minified version of the SDK for UI (streamdataio-web.min.js) and Node.js (streamdataio-node.min.js)
  • the documentation that helps you to understand how it works (doc)
  • several sample projects that show how to use this SDK within a Javascript application, using your favorite JS stack
    • stockmarket sample shows how to get data from a demo data source returning simulated market data, and bind them to a simple UI using JQuery
    • stockmarket-angular is another version of stockmarket projet using AngularJS

To run a sample and understand how it works, clone the git repository, open the index.html of the sample in your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and browse the code!

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to ask: