A command-line tool to manage multi-container apps on top of Docker-Compose
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ContainerCLI: A CLI for your docker-compose file

With container-cli you can easily transform your docker-compose.yml into a CLI tool to manage your application. You can use and modify this project to your needs. We have provided a blog post [TODO link] explaining the tool.

As an example we includes the backend and frontend of StreamPipes [Link]. This is just an example application to show the functionality of the CLI tool. When you want to install StreamPipes go to the official documentation for further instructions.


  • start (service-name)
    • Starts all services defined in active-services
  • stop (service-name)
    • Stops and deletes containers
  • restart (service-name)
    • Restarts services defined in active-services
  • update (service-name)
    • Downloads new docker images
  • set-template (template-name)
    • Replaces the systems file with file mode-name
  • log (service-name)
    • Prints the logs of the service
  • list-available
    • Lists all services defined in services folder
  • list-active
    • Lists all services in the active-services file
  • list-templates
    • Lists all services in the templates folder
  • activate (service-name) (--all)
    • Adds service to system and starts
  • add (service-name) (--all)
    • Adds service to system
  • deactivate {remove} (service-name) (--all)
    • Stops container and removes from system file
  • clean
    • Stops all services and deletes ./config directory

Build & Extend the functionality

We use argbash to create the bash script from the template container-cli.m4. You can extend this file with further bash commands. To compile it you need to install arg-bash and execute the following command.

(argbash_dir_on_your_computer)/bin/argbash container-cli.m4 -o container-cli


This section explains the internals of this project. To just use it have a look at the services directory and active-services. When you are interested to extend the functionalities, have a look at the file container-cli.m4

Files and Folders

  • nginx_conf/ (Volume mapping of service nginx)
  • services/ (Folder containing all services of your application)
    • backend/ (Each service contains a docker-compose.yml)
    • db/
    • e2e-db/
    • ui/
  • templates/ (Default templates containing different services)
  • tmpl_env (Set environment variables that can be used in docker-compose.yml files)
  • .env (Is created dynamically, should not be changed. Add changes to templ_env)
  • active-services (Names of all services that are startet with container-cli start)
  • container-cli (Script created by argbash, changes should be done in container-cli.m4)
  • container-cli.m4 (Actual script with all commands)
  • docker-compose.yml (Contains services, volumes, networks relevant for all services)