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🐚 Qt5-based shell for Stremio; compile this to run the desktop app
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Build instructions for Mac OS X

  1. Make sure you have Qt 5.10.x or newer and Qt Creator
  2. Open the project in Qt creator
  3. build it
  4. do cp -R /Applications/ build-stremio-Desktop_Qt_5_7_0_clang_64bit-Debug/

Command line to build:


Build instructions for Debian GNU/Linux

Please, refer to for a detailed explanation of how to build the latest Stremio in Debian.

Build instructions for OpenSuseLeap 15.0

Please, refer to for a detailed explanation of how to build the latest Stremio in OpenSuseLeap 15.0

Build instructions for Docker builds of supported Linux distros

There are Docker files and setup scripts for supported Linux distributions (Debian, Fedora, Arch), located in the ./distros directory.

There is also an automated build script located in ./dist-utils/

For more information refer to the file.

Third-party install scripts

There are repositories for third-party install scripts that may be useful for you, most notably:

We give no guarantees about their correctness or security.

Releasing a version

  1. Bump the version in the file
  2. Create a git tag with the corresponding version


--development: would make the shell load from instead of and would force the shell to not try and start a streaming server

--staging: would load the web UI from

--webui-url=: allows defining a different web UI URL

--streaming-server: when used with development, it would make the shell try to start a streaming server; this is the default behaviour in production

--autoupdater-force: would force the auto-updater to check for a new version

--autoupdater-force-full: would force the auto-updater to always perform a full update (rather than partial)

--autoupdater-endpoint=: would override the default checking endpoints for the autoupdater

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