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!IMPORTANT!: Please note that this project is currently unmaintained. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Mongoriver Build Status

mongoriver is a library to monitor updates to your Mongo databases in near-realtime. It provides a simple interface for you to take actions when records are inserted, removed, or updated.

How it works

MongoDB has an oplog, a log of all write operations. mongoriver monitors updates to this oplog. See the Mongo documentation for its oplog for more.

How to use it

Step 1: Create an outlet

You'll need to write a class subclassing Mongoriver::AbstractOutlet.

You can override any of these methods:

  • update_optime(timestamp)
  • insert(db_name, collection_name, document)
  • remove(db_name, collection_name, document)
  • update(db_name, collection_name, selector, update)
  • create_index(db_name, collection_name, index_key, options)
  • drop_index(db_name, collection_name, index_name)
  • create_collection(db_name, collection_name, options)
  • drop_collection(db_name, collection_name)
  • rename_collection(db_name, old_collection_name, new_collection_name)
  • drop_database(db_name)

You should think of these methods like callbacks -- if you want to do something every time a document is inserted into the Mongo database, override the insert method. You don't need to override all the methods -- if you only want to take action on insert and update, just override insert and update.

Step 2: Create a stream and start the logger

Once you've written your class, you can start tailing the Mongo oplog! Here's the code you'll need to use:

mongo = Mongo::MongoClient.from_uri(mongo_uri)
tailer =[mongo], :existing)
outlet = # Your subclass of Mongoriver::AbstractOutlet here
stream =, outlet)

starting_timestamp here is the time you want the tailer to start at. We use this to resume interrupted tailers so that no information is lost.

Version history


Add support for tokumx. Backwards incompatible changes to persistent tailers to accomodate that. See


A library for writing MongoDB oplog tailers.




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