Stripe Webhook Monitor provides a real-time feed and graph of Stripe events received via webhooks. πŸ“ˆβœ¨
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Stripe Webhook Monitor

stripe-webhook-monitor is a real-time monitor for Stripe webhooks that provides a live feeds and graph of recent events.

Stripe's platform includes webhooks that will notify you when actions take place on your account. For example, you can be notified when:

  • New charges are created (charge.created)
  • Customers subscribe to a new plan (customer.subscription.created)
  • Payouts and transfers are completed (payout.paid)
  • An invoice payment failed (invoice.payment_failed)

Webhooks are powerful: you can subscribe to these notifications and programmatically react to them in real-time.

Getting started


You'll need to have Node v7.6+ installed, which includes support for async / await.

Set up the monitor

Clone the project repository, and create a configuration for your Stripe account:

cp config.sample.js config.js

You'll need to fill in your Stripe secret key.

Webhooks require a public URL that Stripe will ping to notify the monitor of new events. Support for ngrok is included out of the box: ngrok will create a secure tunnel and provide a public URL to your local machine.

If you have a Basic ngrok subscription, you can specify a custom subdomain that will stay reserved for your account.

Start receiving changes

To start the monitor:

npm install
npm start

Take note of the public URL provided by ngrok: it should be listed when the monitor starts.

Don't want to use ngrok? As long as Stripe can reach the webhooks endpoint via a public URL, you'll receive updates.

Subscribe to webhook notifications

In your Stripe Dashboard, go to the API section, then click on the Webhooks tab.

You should add a receiving endpoint by clicking Add Endpoint. Fill in the public URL provided by ngrok, or any other public URL that can reach the webhook monitor.


I'm not receiving real-time updates

  • Check that the Stripe Dashboard is listing your webhook route as Enabled.
  • Make sure that the webhook endpoint matches the URL printed in your console.