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Gnash 0.8.11
* The in-tree copy of jemalloc has been removed in preference to linking
the system-installed jemalloc library.
* The minimum required version of FFMPEG/libavcodec (if available) is
* Extensions support is now disabled by default.
* The minimum GCC version required to build Gnash is 4.6.0.
Improvements since 0.8.10 release are:
* Avoid initialization of SDL audio when using dump-gnash
* Fix screeches and crashes playing PCM audio (#45722)
* Fix corrupted WAV file on --audio-dump (#45887)
* Fix callback registration issue in ExternalInterface (#37223)
* Fix possible out-of-bound read in parser (#43865)
* Fix opening of external URL with Gnash Standalone (#31833)
* Stability fixes in image handling, (CVE-2012-1175, #39388, #37629).
* Stability fixes in parsing (#34686) and ActionScript handling (#39385,
* NPAPI Plugin stability fix (#36002, #42199) and a file descriptor leak.
* Improved NetStream ActionScript class support.
* Add support for IPv6 [TODO: affects Socket/XML, and what else?].
* Fix build against recent Boost, FFMPEG and libav.
* Fix support for GIFLIB-5.0 (#39482) and GIFLIB-5.1 (#42574)
* Fix infinite loop in GC mark phase for XML object (#40440)
* Fix segfault on exit when using XML (#40439)
* Incremental decoding of embedded sounds (#24638, #25456)
* Fix many issues reported by Coverity.
* Add support for RTMP streaming (patch #8086).
* Portability fixes for Debian GNU/kOpenSolaris and ARM.
* TextFormat.getTextExtent has been much improved.
* Fix regression in dynamic sound loading (#33760).
Gnash 0.8.10
Improvements since 0.8.9 release are:
* Qt4 GUI supports mouse wheel, clipboard, and screen resolution.
* Enhanced UI support for script limits (abort popups, user prefs).
* BitmapData functions copyPixels(), copyChannel(), perlinNoise() and noise()
* Node id mapping in ActionScript XML class implemented (XML.idMap).
* Fix dispatching of Sound.onLoad event, fixing google dict audio.
* Fix support for control tags found after last expected frame (#33176).
* Fix support for uncompressed sound with gstreamer media handler.
* Implement Button.getDepth(), fix button key events.
* Fixes to startDrag and stopDrag opcodes.
* Implement onSoundComplete() for event sounds (#23020).
* Fix MovieClip.onLoad event dispatching and constant pools handling, fixing
support for movies generated by the evil Adobe Captivate tool (#33521).
* Fix unattached Sound.stop() semantic (#33888) enjoy Super Mario!
* OpenVG renderer added.
* Improved framebuffer GUI and touchscreen support.
* Framebuffer now supports using multiple renderers.
* Refactored input device support.
* Fix parsing of lossless 16bit bitmaps, fixing support for movies
generated by the evil TechSmit Camtasia tool (#34625).
* Improved double buffering support for AGG in a framebuffer.
* Thumbnailer for SWF files and GNOME2 desktop config for it.
Gnash 0.8.9
* The minimum required FFmpeg version, for people who prefer it over
Gstreamer, is now 51.28.0.
* The configure script option --enable-i810-lod-bias, which provided
a workaround for a very old driver for the Intel I810 when using the
OpenGL renderer, has been removed.
* Gnash now uses the system-installed libltdl rather than its in-tree
* NPAPI headers are now required for building the Mozilla plugin; they
are normally part of the Xulrunner development package.
Improvements since 0.8.8 release are:
* Fixed playback of uncommon MPEG4 streams when using GStreamer.
* Avoid drawing operations when the window is obscured, including when
Gnash is used as a plugin, starting with Firefox 4.0 (GTK GUI).
* Support SWF with embedded ScreenVideo when using FFMPEG or
gstreamer-ffmpeg >= 0.10.12.
* Fix playback of SWF-embedded ADPCM audio when using Gstreamer.
* Fix playback of SWF-embedded PCM audio when using FFMPEG.
* Fix swapped _framesloaded and _totalframes properties.
* Fixes for several crashes, with better automated testing of the
entire ActionScript API for input sanitization.
* Improved ActionScript performance processing, especially
for interactive applications.
* NPAPI plugin: fix relative urls resolution in presence of <base> tag
and "base" parameter; improved robustness and compatibility with
chromium browser. Avoid blocking the parent process.
* Improved SWF8 support with BitmapData.draw, BitmapData.loadBitmap,
and other bitmap functions.
* Re-entrant core libraries.
* RTMP remoting support.
* Support for PNG and GIF files in all DefineBitsJpeg tags; support
for DefineBitsJpeg4 tags, and fix display of some GIFs with
multiple records.
* Restore support for mingw32.
* fb-gnash: allow specifying size and offset of rendering "window".
* dump-gnash: improved speed, sync and flexibility.
* JPEG screenshot output.
* Support for linear RGB interpolation mode in gradient fills.
* Clipboard setting (GTK only).
* More flash.geom.Rectangle functions.
* Improved OpenBSD compatibility.
Gnash 0.8.8
Improvements since 0.8.7 release are:
* Renderers are able to be switched at runtime between Cairo,
OpenGL, and AGG.
* Media handlers can be switched at runtime between ffmpeg and
* Hardware video decoding support via VAAPI for Nvidia, ATI, and
Intel GPUs.
* Android specific support.
* Gnash now compiles faster due to reduced internal dependencies.
* Mostly complete Scriptable Plugin support which works with the
ExternalInterface class.
* Improved input device handling when using a raw framebuffer.
* 100% of all YouTube videos should work
* Support for MovieClip.beginBitmapFill() and gradient spread modes.
Gnash 0.8.7
Improvements since 0.8.6 release are:
* Automatic and spontaneous screenshots support in all GUIs (Benjamin Wolsey)
* Significant memory savings in parsing large XML trees (Benjamin Wolsey)
* Significant memory savings in functions calls when super is not required
(Benjamin Wolsey)
* Enhancements in video streaming [youtube HD button and seeks]
(Sandro Santilli)
* Non blocking load of bitmaps, movies, data (Sandro Santilli)
* Fix use of imported library symbols (Sandro Santilli)
* AS2 Array handling fixed. (Benjamin Wolsey)
* Refactoring to eliminate most static data and get closer to re-entrant VM.
(Benjamin Wolsey)
* SWF6 dynamic gradients tested and implemented correctly.
(Benjamin Wolsey)
* TextFormat.getTextExtent implemented.
(Benjamin Wolsey)
* TextField.autoSize implemented for right and center autosizing.
(Benjamin Wolsey)
Gnash 0.8.6
Improvements since 0.8.5 release are:
* TextSnapshot, Camera, Microphone, TextField and TextFormat implemented.
* ASSetNative, ASSetNativeAccessor, ASconstructor implemented.
* New utilities for finding input devices for Camera and Microphone.
* Fix bitmap smoothing handling in AGG renderer (Bug #25894).
* Custom Gnash GTK widget.
* Various improvements to text handling.
* large-scale refactoring of object and class creation for improved
AS compatibility.
* extension of native classes now works in many cases.
* PyGTK module support.
* Native and built-in functions properly separated, more native functions
* AmigaOS4 support (gui and sound handler).
* Fixes to XMLSocket crash and event order.
* Performance improvement for SDL gui (invalidated regions).
* Corrected timing of various AS events, fixing various SWFs that rely on them.
* Many minor bug fixes.
* Better A/V synchronization.
* Rudimentary AVM2 implementation when enabled.
* Fix in sendAndLoad forcing use of POST.
2009-03-04 Rob Savoye <>
Gnash 0.8.5 released !
Improvements since 0.8.4 release are:
Due to better XML parsing compatibility and a minor fix to NetConnection,
many more video sites work than in the last release. Support for new
codecs keeps YouTube support up to date.
XML parsing, Selection implementation, Sound and MovieClip fixes mean
that many BBC Flash movies (not the BBC iPlayer) now work.
Potlatch support is improved with better remoting compatibility and
XML parsing.
All of the Orisinal morning sunshine games now work due to support for
Mixed SWF Versions runs.
* Support for saving streamed (FLV, H264, MP3 etc) and loaded (JPEG,
SWF, PNG, GIF) media to disk.
* Basic GUI warning messages when media decoding fails (usually
missing codecs).
* Added support for FLV parsing and decoding of H.264 video and
AAC audio.
* Scaled video smoothing implemented in AS and in default renderer
(AGG). YouTube video looks better when Gnash is running with high
quality or better.
* Support for _quality implemented with user-specified
override. (Presently only affects video smoothing in the default
* Made NPAPI plugin quiet, except on plugin-specific errors (to
reduce .xsession-errors pollution).
* Implemented LoadVars.toString(), XML.send() and LoadVars.send().
* XML parsing made compatible (less strict), XML.xmlDecl and
XML.docTypeDecl implemented.
* XMLNode methods implemented: getPrefixForNamespace(),
getNamespaceForPrefix(), namespaceURI, localName, prefix. Handling
of attributes corrected.
* New GUI for KDE4 / Qt4 with SWF properties and Gnash preferences
dialog boxes.
* Corrected AS enumeration order.
* Fixed incorrect mouse event on double click (shouldn't exist).
* Implemented MovieClip.getURL(), MovieClip.attachBitmap().
* Implemented POST for send() and getURL() methods.
* Added support for parsing and decoding Speex audio in FLV files
using libspeex.
* __resolve property implemented. Fixes a Flickr Flash badge.
* Video.clear(), Video.width and Video.height implemented.
* Multiple fixed.
* Fixed support of mixed-version swf runs.
* Fix decoding of RAW and UNCOMPRESSED audio with gstreamer media
* Improve SWF4 compatibility.
* Improve compatibility in setting characters properties.
* NetConnection.isConnected and NetConnection connect events
implemented (fixes various video sites).
* Remoting support generally improved (NetConnection).
* Make initialization object available to MovieClip constructor
(attachMovie, duplicateMovieClip).
* Sound.getBytesLoaded, Sound.getBytesTotal implemented.
* Complete Selection class implemented.
2008-10-13 Russ Nelson <>
Sixth alpha release of Gnash (0.8.4).
Improvements since 0.8.3 release are:
More visible to users:
* The -d switch won't behave the same as in 0.8.3. This is a
temporary thing, we'll likely bring it back to its original
behaviour for next releases. If you're curious, -d will now
change heart beating rate.
* Support for MIT SHM X extention is disabled by default `cause
it broke (*grin*). We'll get it back on next release. Let us
know if you really notice a performance degradation on the
rendering side please <>.
* Keep Adobe happy with our users and our users happy with us by
changing "Flash player" into "SWF player" everywhere. Adobe
claims "Flash" as a trademark and had asked a Linux distributor
to fix it.
* The popular SWF Twitter badge now renders correctly.
* Fix parsing of urls containing multiple question marks
* Fix support for movies embedding multiple sound streams
* Support for loading PNG and GIF images added.
* Improved rendering of SWF movies because of the less visible
changes listed below.
* Support for writing RGB/RGBA PNG images and JPEG images.
* Works with Potlatch OpenStreetMap editor
* New 'flvdumper' utility for analyzing FLV video files.
* XPI packaging support for Mozilla & Firefox.
Less visible to users:
* Improved SWF version 8 support:
o flash.geom.Point, flash.geom.Rect, flash.geom.Matrix classes
o flash.geom.ColorTransform almost fully implemented.
o flash.display.BitmapData partially implemented.
o flash.geom.Transform.matrix and flash.geom.Transform.ColorTransform
o MovieClip.transform implemented, with ability to find and apply
MovieClip transformations.
o Playback of VP6F video (SWF version 8 FLV) with Ffmpeg.
* Fixes and implementation of ActionScript 2 classes:
o implemented: initial support for flash Remoting
o toString() method of objects called correctly, String.split
implementation fixed.
o XMLSocket onData method implemented properly, other methods fixed.
o Error class implemented.
o XML and LoadVars sendAndLoad() now derive from a common base object
(loadable AS object); fixes the popular SWF Twitter badge.
o addRequestHeaders and contentType implemented for LoadVars and XML.
* VM bugfixes and improvements:
o Heart beating model, allowing for fine-grained interval timers and
threading reduction.
o Frame label fix (case sensitivity).
o Fixes and improvements to Color and cxform.
o SWF matrix made faster and more compatible (golf.swf works now!)
o try/catch/finally ActionScript expression handled more correctly.
o Parse and partially use ScriptLimits tag. Handle stack limit more
o Fixed scoping issues for SWF <= 5
o Bitmap characters now support alpha.
* Media handling improvements:
o Pluggable architecture for MediaHandlers (ffmpeg/gst available)
o Media-handler agnostic Sound and NetStream classes
o Numerous bug fixes in ffmpeg and gstreamer media handling
* SWF version 2-specific fixes:
o PlaceObject tag display fixed (also applies to SWFs generated with
some free tools)
o DefineButtonCxform tag implemented).
* Codebase improvements:
o Renamed the 'server' directory to be a more accurate 'libcore'.
Merge 'libgeometry' into 'libbase'
o Keep Adobe happy with our users and our users happy with us by
changing "Flash player" into "SWF player" everywhere (a Linux
distributor received a demand letter).
o Numerous cleanups and changes to improve portability.
2008-05-10 Russ Nelson <>
Sixth alpha release of Gnash (0.8.3).
Improvements since 0.8.2 release are:
More visible to users:
* Native fullscreen support (from AS) implemented.
* Long command-line options properly supported.
* View detailed movie information from GTK gui.
* Added an option in Preferences to initially display a movie
as a blank ("Click here to start") screen.
* Added "dump" GUI to dump a movie to disk.
* Improved Cairo rendering performance.
* Fix support for OpenOffice Impress SWF exporter (malformed..)
Less visible to users:
* Garbage Collector usage reduced where appropriate.
* Mouse.hide and implemented in GTK.
* ActionScript inheritance fixes:
o super implemented correctly (still not 100% compatible for SWF7)
o implements / instanceof works correctly now
* FsCommands quit, fullscreen and showMenu implemented.
* FsCommand-to-javascript implemented (plugin).
* Minor ActionScript compatibility fixes: String, XML, toLocaleString,
int, parseInt. fromCharCode, toString (SWF4) etc.
* Fixes to arguments class (tests:, line404~456).
* Stage.scaleMode implemented (fixes resizing of various movies).
* Stage.align implemented.
* Fixes to Date class (platform consistent).
* Logging uses boost::format.
* Improved Win32 support: builds using MinGW/MSYS (cross-compile
not tested yet), and initial implementation of npgnash.dll exists.
* Sprite handling improved, fixing FlowPlayer and other video SWFs.
* TextField handling:
o Fix in device font handling (DefineFontInfo tag)
o Fix support for DefineFont2 tag (sizes)
o Improve TextField support for TextFormat use.
* Fix parsing of malformed XML files
* Fix loading of text / XML with Byte Order Marks.
* Minor fix to _x and _y translation.
* More functions correctly registered as ASnative.
* System.capabilities information expanded.
* Jemalloc memory allocator from Mozilla added as an option.
* Redesigned and implemented AMF0 support, with the beginning of
AMF3 support.
* SWF8 line styles support (both from tag and drawing api)
2008-02-21 Sandro Santilli <>
Fifth alpha release of Gnash (0.8.2).
Improvements since 0.8.1 release are:
* Improved timeline redesign.
* Action execution order fixes.
* Keyboard handling improved [1].
* New classes implemented: System.capabilities (partial),
SharedObject, LocalConnection.
* New opcodes implemented: ActionImplements, Try/Throw.
* Movieclip.beginGradientFill completes drawing API support.
* MovieClip._lockroot support added.
* Implement GET/POST for MovieClip.loadVariables and
* Textfield support improved.
* Security: configurable sandbox restricts filesystem access by movies.
* Better support for SWF8.
* Streaming OGG-contained multimedia (e.g. vorbis/theora or vorbis/dirac),
and other free formats.
* OGL and Cairo renderers much improved.
* Improvements of the Framebuffer GUI (hide text messages, support Linux
events system, built-in touchscreen calibration, simple keyboard support,
better architecture support).
* SOLdumper utility for reading SOL files ('flash cookies').
* DumpShm utility finds and dumps Local Connection memory segments.
* Fullscreen display possible.
* Extensions for LIRC and DBus.
* High quality, cross-platform psuedo-randomness using boost random.
* NPAPI (Mozilla) plugin: keyboard events work, navigation and javascript
from within movies.
* Set and save preferences from the GUI (GTK).
* Improved stability and robustness with malformed SWFs.
* Many other bugfixes.
2007-08-29 Sandro Santilli <>
Fourth alpha release of Gnash (0.8.1).
Improvements since 0.8.0 release are:
* Garbage Collector
* Support for device fonts
* Support for dynamic text fields
* Better key handling
* Support for FFMPEG SVN
* Support for on-demand install of needed Gstreamer codec plugins.
* Debugger off by default (improves performance and memory use)
* AGG renderer by default
* Support for KDE/AGG combination
* Layout change : we'll now build <gui>-gnash and 'gnash' is a shell
script with gui selection capabilities (-G)
* More robust parser
* Better support for flash player detection
* Fix for 'debugLog' directive in gnashrc
2007-06-01 Rob Savoye <>
The third alpha release of Gnash. Improvements since the 0.7.2 release
* Streaming video works with YouTube and! This has been the
focus for the majority of the time since the last release.
* Many core improvments in the VM as our understanding of Flash
improves. These all improve both the correctness of a movie that is
being played, but enables more movies to play that used to not work.
* New FLTK2 gui.
* Simple Flash debugger added.
* Improved Darwin support that can use the system OpenGL.
* Flash extensions, direct support for file handling, MySQL access,
etc.. through plugins to the Gnash VM. Wrappers for any C/C++ API
libraries can be exported into ActionScript, and used as native
commands in a Flash movie.
* Updated manuals.
* Many new testcases! Support for testing with ming, swfmill, amd
mtasc compilers.
* New drawing API for MovieClips..
2006-09-10 Rob Savoye <>
The second alpha release of Gnash is coming soon. Improvements since
the 0.7.1 alpha release are:
* Polling main loop replaced with event driven framework.
* New GUI abstraction layer supporting GTK2, KDE, SDL, and just a
* Movies are parsed by a background thread, so they start playing
while still loading.
* Plugin supports web navigation and starts playing while the stream
is loading.
* New AntiGrain (AGG) 2D backend added for framebuffer devices.
* Sound now works.
* Supports cross configuration and cross compiling for embedded targets.
* A whole slew of minor bugs that kept various movies from playing.
2006-04-20 Rob Savoye <>
* The first alpha release of Gnash! Version 0.7.1 is released with a
working browser plugin.
2005-12-10 Rob Savoye <>
* GameSWF has been turned into Gnash! Gnash's goals are to turn this
into a free flash movie player plugin for Firefox.