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PyBayes Development

This document should serve as a reminder to me and other possible PyBayes hackers about PyBayes coding style and conventions.

General Layout and Principles

PyBayes is developed with special dual-mode technique - it is both perfectly valid pure Python library and optimised cython-built binary python module.

PyBayes modules are laid out with following rules:

  • all modules go directly into pybayes/<module>.py (pure Python file) with cython augmentation file in pybayes/module.pxd
  • in future, bigger independent units can form subpackages
  • pybayes/numpywrap.{pyx,py,pxd} are special, it is the only module that has different implementation for cython and for python.

Tests and Stress Tests

All methods of all PyBayes classes should have a unit test. Suppose you have a module pybayes/, then unit tests for all classes in should go into pybayes/tests/ You can also write stress test (something that runs considerably longer than a test and perhaps provides a simple benchmark) that would go into pybayes/tests/

Imports and cimports

No internal module can import pybayes! That would result in an infinite recursion. External PyBayes clients can and should, however, only import pybayes (and in future also import pybayes.subpackage). From insibe PyBayes just import relevant pybayes modules, e.g. import pdfs.

Imports in *.py files should adhere to following rules:

  • import first system modules (sys, io..), then external modules (matplotlib..) and then pybayes modules
  • never import numpy directly, import numpywrap instead (and perhaps extend symbols that numpywrap.{py,pyx} imports) [TODO: numpywrap handling should be refactored a bit]
  • from module import symbol1, symbol2 syntax is the preferred one
  • from module import * is prohibited

Following rules apply to *.pxd (cython augmentation) files:

  • no imports, just cimports.
  • use from module cimport symbol1, symbol2 syntax
  • from module cimport * is forbidden, only exception is from numpywrap cimport *, which is mandatory

Above rules do not apply to pybayes/tests. These modules are considered external and should behave as a client script.

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