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(ns com.stuartsierra.component.user-helpers
"Helper functions to be referred into the 'user' namespace. These
functions lazily load the tools.namespace and component.repl
namespaces, to avoid delaying the start of a REPL.")
(def dev-ns-name
"The symbol name of the namespace used for interactive development."
(defn set-dev-ns
"Specifies the symbol name of the namespace to be used for
interactive development. The functions `dev`, `go`, and `reset` will
switch to this namespace. Defaults to 'dev."
{:pre [(symbol? sym)]}
(alter-var-root #'dev-ns-name (constantly sym)))
(defn- switch-to-dev []
(when-not (find-ns dev-ns-name)
(throw (ex-info (str "Development namespace does not exist: "
(pr-str dev-ns-name))
{:dev-ns-name dev-ns-name})))
(in-ns dev-ns-name)
(defn- invoke
"Loads the namespace of a fully-qualified symbol, resolves the
symbol, and invokes it with args. Used to lazily load library
functions when they are called."
[sym & args]
(require (symbol (namespace sym)))
(apply (resolve sym) args))
(defn dev
"Loads all source files and switches to the 'dev' namespace."
(let [ret (invoke ' :after `switch-to-dev)]
(if (instance? Throwable ret)
(throw ret) ; let the REPL's exception handling take over
(defn go
"Loads all source files, starts the application running in
development mode, and switches to the 'dev' namespace."
(invoke 'com.stuartsierra.component.repl/reset)
(defn reset
"Alias for `go` to match the behavior of `reset` in the `dev`
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