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kind: link

This is a default kind for links. By default such links have an underline, colored in blue and become red on hover. You can configure all of this using params.


To remove an underline from link just pass an empty _underline modifier:

kind: link (_underline '')

And if you'll need to underline a link only in some condition, pass the corresponding selector to this modifier:

kind: link (_underline '&:hover')


By default links become red on hover, you can remove this behaviour by passing empty selector to the _hover modifier:

kind: link (_hover '')

Changing the color

To change the color of the link you can just pass this color as a param:

kind: link #22C

This would change the color of the link, while if you'd want to change the color on hover, you need to pass that color inside the _hover modifier after the selector:

kind: link #22C (_hover '&:hover' #D00) 


To make a dotted pseudo-link, you can pass _pseudo modifier to this kind:

kind: link _pseudo

Complex links

Sometimes you could want to add underline only to some inner element, like when adding some icons. In that case you can use the _underline or _pseudo modifiers on the inner element:

kind: link (_underline '&-inner')

kind: link (_pseudo '&-inner')