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bd7333d Nov 26, 2016
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Shamil Kashmeri asked whether he should upgrade from 0.1 to 0.3 and I thought it would be a good idea for making a changelog instead of explaining the new features everytime someone asks. So, here you go :


  • Added SQLite support
  • Fixed bugs
  • Added custom message callback




  • Fixed bugs
  • Removed SHA256 and instead use Bcrypt


  • Two Step Login
  • Fixed Bugs
  • Manage Devices
  • More Examples
  • Improved Examples
  • config -> info is now config -> basic
  • Added Email Callback so that developer can change the mechanism of sending email Previously, developer had to change the contents of \Fr\LS::sendMail() function Callback can be added in config -> basic -> email_callback


  • Updates to existing features
  • logSys is now part of the Francium Project
  • logSys is a static class and not an object class
  • "class.loginsys.php" is now "class.logsys.php"
  • \Fr\LS::changePassword() is merely a function and does not anymore prints the form for changing the password
  • Configuration is done by \Fr\LS::$config and Default Config in \Fr\LS::$default_config
  • \Fr\LS::timeSinceJoin() is now \Fr\LS::joinedSince()
  • More detailed comments
  • Tidied up parts of the code
  • Updates to the examples
  • Bugs reported has been fixed


  • Updates to existing features
  • Added feature for blocking brute force attacks with settings variables


  • Updates to existing features
  • Remember Me option on login
  • Improved $LS->init()
  • Added $LS->getUser() for easy retrieval of user information
  • Added $LS->updateUser() to easily update user information
  • Added functionality for getting time since the user joined
  • Added $LS->sendMail() for easily updating the preferred way of sending mails


  • Login, Register and basic functions of a login system
  • Forgot Password feature
  • $LS->init()