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Substance Composer

Centrally managed proprietary systems are dominating the Internet.

People are no longer in control of their content, which is resulting in privacy violations, data fraud and censorship.

According to the original idea of the Internet, people control their own space for expression on the web, facilitating the web as a democratic medium.

We want to support that idea by contributing Substance, an open platform for modern self-publishing.

We want to help people reclaim the internet as an open space.

With the Substance Composer, a content-oriented editor, even technically unexperienced people can create and share documents with the public.

We ensure that privacy is protected and users have full control over their content — until it's ready to be shared with the world.

The Substance Composer is built using web technology and packaged as a native application for OSX, Windows and Linux.

For front-end developers it is very easy to customise the look and feel of the generated publications as well as automating the publishing process.

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