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Release 1.3.1 [2008-04-07]
- When switching branches, changed message from "Will cause conflicts" to "May cause conflicts", since the git doesn't really tell you until it does the merge.
- Changed Delete Branch menu name to show that it prompts the user first. (Thanks, Diego Barros!)
Release 1.3.0 [2008-04-04]
- Added a "Git Config" command - currently supports Email and Name
- bugfix - only prompt for remote branches that match the specified remote
Release 1.2.1 [2008-04-03]
- Feature - prompt to push a tag to remotes after tag creation
- Bugfix - was committing "$('merge_message')" as the merge message
Release 1.2.0 [2008-04-03]
- Submodule support - Add and list submodules. Automatically update them when switching branches or pulling.
- Automatically check Submodules when switching branches or pulling (switching to a branch pointing to an older version of a submodule automatically checks the submodule out to that version)
- Prevent accidental commit-loss by not allow commits while not on branch.
- Stale remote branches are now pruned via "Fetch".
- Push now only pushes the current branch (it's surprising behavior to push "master" and see a rejection notice for "release").
- If the branch does not exist remotely, it gets created.
- Much internal refactoring and cleaning up code base
- tell textmate to rescan after a svn rebase
- Applied Jiho's patch for the git commit message language. Thanks, Jiho!
- tell textmate to rescan the project after a pull is completed
- Fixed misleading output from pull/fetch commands. show "Output" instead of "Error"
Release 1.1.6 [2008-03-25]
- You can now push to "all" remotes in one command.
- Bugfix: show uncommitted changes ALWAYS shows uncommitted changes, even if the changes have been staged with git add.
- Resolution of some incorrect environment variable usage. [Thanks, Allan Odgaard]
Release 1.1.5 [2008-03-24]
- fixed an issue with committing files within git-submodules, or git repositories in a non-project-root path.
Release 1.1.4 [2008-03-17]
- A pretty serious textmate rendering bug was effecting the output of the log command, causing log entries to be outputted in a random-like fashion. This bug is induced in TextMate by including the JavaScript includes at the top. Fixed
Release 1.1.3 [2008-03-12]
- prompt to merge from local or remote branches
- path for project home now showing as "./" in commit dialog. Path always displays relative to project_path, if it exists.
message for directory is clean more explicit (rather than showing nothing if you simply selected a scope with no changes, it tells you that's the case, with a
Release 1.1.2 [2008-03-10]
- SVN Rebase command broke. Eegad! Fixed. We like to release a lot today!
Release 1.1.1 [2008-03-10]
- Bugfix - merge command was breaking when trying to show links to conflicted files
- Removed "fix me" notice (it was fixed). Status listing on merge commit was being filtered down to the selected file or directory, when it should show the status for the whole project (since it's doing a whole commit)
- "Working directory is clean" message disappeared. Restored
- Merge parser was not pcking up on delete/modify merge conflicts. fixed
- merge command was a bit over-eager. No longer auto opens conflicted files.
Release 1.1.0 [2008-03-08]
- Huge refactoring effort - built a mini-mvc framework to meet the specific needs of the bundle, and ported all existing code to it.
- Fixed compatibility issues with Git
- Log commands lazy-load their diffs now
- Option to force apply a stash, even if Git warns you there might be a conflict
- Push / Pull commands properly parse output for
- Git shortcut keys for svn commands were conflicting with existing textmate commands. Updated to Command-Option-G
- A few UI-enhancements
[2008-02-20] Commit dialog graceful handling of conflict resolutions
[2008-02-20] Commit dialog limits down to the selected file/folder selected in drawer.
[2008-02-14] Visualize Gitk feature added (Sam Granieri)