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* Copyright 2019 The Sugarkube Authors
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
package structs
// Structs to load a kapp's sugarkube.yaml file
type Template struct {
Source string
Dest string
RenderedPath string `yaml:",omitempty"` // path to the rendered template
Sensitive bool // sensitive templates will be templated just-in-time then deleted immediately after
// executing the kapp. This provides a way of passing secrets to kapps while keeping them off
// disk as much as possible.
Conditions []string `yaml:",omitempty"` // the template will only be rendered if all these are true
// Outputs generated by a kapp that should be parsed and added to the registry
type Output struct {
Id string
Path string
// todo - implement - this allows multiple kapps to set the same key. Don't allow kapps to overwrite the outputs under `outputs.kapp` though
//RegistryPath string // Path to store the output in the registry (some paths are protected and may not be specified)
Format string
Sensitive bool // sensitive outputs will be deleted after adding the data to the registry to try to prevent
// secrets lingering on disk
Conditions []string `yaml:",omitempty"` // outputs will only be loaded if all these are true
type Source struct {
Id string `yaml:",omitempty"`
Uri string
Options map[string]interface{} `yaml:",omitempty"` // we don't have explicit path/branch fields because this struct must be
// generic enough for all acquirers, not be specific to git
type Action struct {
Id string `yaml:",omitempty"`
Params []string `yaml:",omitempty"`
type RunStep struct {
Name string `yaml:",omitempty"`
Binaries []string `yaml:",omitempty"` // additional binaries required by the command/script (used to validate kapps)
Command string `yaml:",omitempty"`
Args string `yaml:",omitempty"`
EnvVars map[string]string `yaml:"env_vars" mapstructure:"env_vars"`
Stdout string `yaml:",omitempty"` // path to write stdout to
Stderr string `yaml:",omitempty"` // path to write stderr to
Print string `yaml:"print,omitempty" mapstructure:"print"` // if 'verbose', stdout/stderr will be printed to the
// console when sugarkube is run with the verbose flag. Any other non-empty value will always cause output to be printed regardless
ExpectedExitCode int `yaml:"expected_exit_code,omitempty" mapstructure:"expected_exit_code"` // sugarkube will only throw an error if a different exit code is returned
IgnoreErrors bool `yaml:"ignore_errors" mapstructure:"ignore_errors"` // don't exit if any errors occurred
Conditions []string `yaml:",omitempty"`
WorkingDir string `yaml:"working_dir,omitempty" mapstructure:"working_dir"`
MergePriority *uint8 `yaml:"merge_priority,omitempty" mapstructure:"merge_priority"`
// pointer so we can tell whether the user has actually set this value or not (otherwise it'd default to the zero value)
Call string `yaml:",omitempty"`
// instructs sugarkube to load and parse any outputs defined by the kapp after running
// this step. Missing outputs won't cause errors though because this can be specified
// multiple times as different outputs become available.
LoadOutputs bool `yaml:"load_outputs,omitempty" mapstructure:"load_outputs"`
Timeout int // number of seconds the command must complete within
type RunUnit struct {
WorkingDir string `yaml:"working_dir" mapstructure:"working_dir"`
Conditions []string `yaml:",omitempty"`
Binaries []string `yaml:",omitempty"` // additional binaries required by the command/script (used to validate kapps)
EnvVars map[string]string `yaml:"env_vars" mapstructure:"env_vars"`
PlanInstall []RunStep `yaml:"plan_install,omitempty" mapstructure:"plan_install"`
ApplyInstall []RunStep `yaml:"apply_install,omitempty" mapstructure:"apply_install"`
PlanDelete []RunStep `yaml:"plan_delete,omitempty" mapstructure:"plan_delete"`
ApplyDelete []RunStep `yaml:"apply_delete,omitempty" mapstructure:"apply_delete"`
Output []RunStep `yaml:"output,omitempty" mapstructure:"output"`
Clean []RunStep `yaml:"clean,omitempty" mapstructure:"clean"`
type Dependency struct {
Id string `yaml:",omitempty"`
Conditions []string `yaml:",omitempty"`
// A struct for an actual sugarkube.yaml file
type KappConfig struct {
Conditions []string `yaml:",omitempty"` // all must be true for the kapp to be processed
Requires []string `yaml:",omitempty"`
PostInstallActions []map[string]Action `yaml:"post_install_actions,omitempty"`
PostDeleteActions []map[string]Action `yaml:"post_delete_actions,omitempty"`
PreInstallActions []map[string]Action `yaml:"pre_install_actions,omitempty"`
PreDeleteActions []map[string]Action `yaml:"pre_delete_actions,omitempty"`
Templates map[string]Template `yaml:",omitempty"`
Vars map[string]interface{} `yaml:",omitempty"`
Metadata map[string]interface{} `yaml:",omitempty"` // a placeholder for additional data used by user scripts (e.g. tracking versions/secrets for CI/CD systems). Not used by Sugarkube at all.
RunUnits map[string]RunUnit `yaml:"run_units" mapstructure:"run_units"`
DependsOn []Dependency `yaml:"depends_on,omitempty"` // fully qualified IDs of other kapps this depends on
IgnoreGlobalDefaults bool `yaml:"ignore_global_defaults"` // don't add globally configured defaults for each requirement
// todo - implement
//VarsTemplate string // this will be read as a string, templated then converted to YAML and merged with the Vars map
// KappDescriptors describe where to find a kapp plus some other data, but isn't the kapp itself.
// There are two types - one that has certain values declared as lists and one as maps where keys
// are that element's ID. The list version is more concise and is used in manifest files. The
// version with maps is used when overriding values (e.g. in stack files)
type KappDescriptorWithLists struct {
Id string `yaml:",omitempty"`
KappConfig `yaml:",inline"`
Sources []Source `yaml:",omitempty"`
Outputs []Output `yaml:",omitempty"`
type KappDescriptorWithMaps struct {
Id string `yaml:",omitempty"`
KappConfig `yaml:",inline"`
Sources map[string]Source `yaml:",omitempty"` // keys are object IDs so values for individual objects can be overridden
Outputs map[string]Output `yaml:",omitempty"` // keys are object IDs so values for individual objects can be overridden