how to apply jquery.autocorrect or jquery.asuggest in summernote editor this jquery lib file dont work on summer note #2156

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shobuz707 commented Dec 11, 2016 edited

Note that its working fine on input type "text" or "textarea" but when applying on summernote editor its won't working

please flow that link actually i need this in my summernote editor thanks

my js code is :

function showTemplateFrom(){

var ajaxURL = "";
url : ajaxURL,
success : function(result) {
}, complete:function (){

          height: 300,                 // set editor height
          minHeight: null,             // set minimum height of editor
          maxHeight: null



    // asuggest
    var suggests = ["hello", "world"];
    // autocorrect
        corrections: {
            ab: "about",
            doc: "doctor"


my html code is :

    <div class="col-xs-12">

        <label for="">OT Note Editor</label>
        <div class="summernote" id="otTemplateValue" style="z-index: -99999"></div>

StudioJunkyard commented Dec 11, 2016 edited

Another option would be to install something like 's addons for Firefox or Chrome, then you wouldn't need to muck around with adjusting anything inside Summernote.


Also, I just realised why this may not be working for you, and you pretty much answered your own question. AutoCorrect is meant for form elements that allow user input.

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