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How to refresh layer with Leaflet/OSM #17

mikekay01 opened this Issue · 5 comments

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How do I refresh my heatmap with new data in a Leaflet/OSM environment?

I can successfully build the map using:
heatmap = new L.TileLayer.HeatCanvas...

and can load the map using:
for (var i in MapData) {
heatmap.pushData(MapData[i][0], MapData[i][1], MapData[i][2])

My problem is I do not know how to clear the heatmap and load new data.

I have tried using heatmap.clear(), but this seems to have no effect as everytime I push data into the heatmap it simply adds to the existing data.

Does anyone know how to basically clear the data from a heatmap, load new data in, and redraw the map?


I just sent a pull request to remove the data when using heatmap.clear().

What you need to do for now, I believe, is:

//clear the data = [];
//add the data
for (var i in MapData) {
heatmap.pushData(MapData[i][0], MapData[i][1], MapData[i][2])
//redraw already clears the heatmap


I'm testing right now...


How'd that go? :)


Sorry, I just got back to this portion of my project. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. The map continues to add new data points. Is there a fix for this situation?

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