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Surge has some additional content which is large, provided by users, and generally expanding. You can download that content here. If you have a set of patches that you would like to share, please drop us a note in the #patch-wt-sharing" channel on our Discord, or open an issue in this repository, and we can have your content available on this page.

To make the content active in Surge, put it into your user data folder, which you can open from Surge through Menu > Data Folders > Open User Data Folder.... Once the content is in a subfolder there, rescan the data folders with Menu > Data Folders > Rescan All Data Folders.

If you have access to a bash command line and you'd like to download all additional content at once, navigate to the folder you'd like to put the content and run:

svn checkout

Adventure Kid Waveforms:

Adventure Kid has a huge library of open source single cycle waveforms. Surge has trouble with these waveforms in their default size (600 samples).

Here is a download to .wt format wavetables made from the Adventure Kid single cycles:

These single cycle waveforms were not intended to all be smooshed into one wavetable, and might not sound great together always. You may have better luck using Control/Command+drag to snap Morph to single frames. Try thinking of them as a bank of single cycle waveforms, rather than wavetables to be warped through with modulation.

AKWF-WAV-2048 (full quality) (small file size medium quality)

Surge Synth Team also provides a few versions of the Adventure Kid single cycles library converted to power of 2 sample length files. These aren't wavetables, but you can use them to make your own wavetables! (downscaled lo-fi) (downscaled) (upscaled)

BassTables from AJ Young:

A collection of 73 Serum format wavetables with gritty and vocal-like textures. They are mainly made for dubstep and aggressive EDM, but with creativity can be used in any genre.
Unzip and place in your user data dolder:

BassTables Vol. 1
BassTables Vol. 2

Emu VSCO (high quality version):

These are wavetables made by The Emu in Serum that use open source orchestral samples from the VSCO community library. Smaller filesize versions of these wavetables are bundled in the Surge installer.

Smaller versions will exhibit harmonic aliasing a fair amount at lower pitches, so download these larger versions if you'd like to eliminate that.

Unzip and place in your user data folder:

Psiome Send Sound album

Psiome Send Sound ( used the AJ Young BassTables to create a set of patches for an album, which he chose to share.

Thanks to Psiome Send Sound for sharing his great album with us!

Content at KvR

At the Surge KvR page there is a collection of user provided banks and patches and some collections of wavetables and soundware. These patches have, by and large, not been tested by the Surge Synth Team.